Friday, August 20, 2010

When is enough, enough?

I am saddened reading the articles in the SP regarding our improvished seniors and their efforts to stay in their homes. It seems to me that if various levels of government can provide tax incentives to business and corporations, that something can be designed to aid the people who built this city and province. Although I would certainly support a program that would offer a reduced mill rate to seniors, I suspect that won't happen given the demographics of this city/province. So the proposal (SP Aug. 20/10) to have increases registered as debt against their asset, to be paid after disposal of the asset, does appeal to me - as long as the city doesn't hit them with the 18% late payment interest.

Many poor seniors have paid tax for more than a half century and are deserving of a break. Seniors have great political clout in this city and province. They just need a leader to organize them.

My hair stylist won't be happy with the thought of losing my business should I decide to opt into Grey Power!

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