Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Summer in Saskatoon

I will definitely avoid the sinkhole on Idylwyld (SP Mar. 13/12) but how do we avoid the multitude of other roads in the city that need repair. Avoiding collected water is difficult when every street in my area has some.

Sunday I nearly destroyed my undercarriage driving through water on a road leading to Taylor Street. I was only doing about 30 klicks when I hit the hole under the water and heard the sickening crunch from my car. Every vehicle I encountered after that joined me in weaving around trying to skirt the potholes.

I'm starting to see this as a spring/summer activity.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Stupid is as stupid does

The response of some Councillors to former Mayor Henry Dayday's request for a plebiscite on the art gallery issue (SP March 10/12), convinces me these folks will never be inducted to the Mensa hall of fame.

Apparently we, the voters, are too stupid to weigh in on this very complicated issue. They may have a point about our stupidity since we elected them.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Java woes

I am fascinated how people will gravitate to a coffee shop regardless of the inconvenience in doing so. I am a bit of a coffee hound but not so hooked on a brand that I would line up to grab a cup or get in a raffic jam.

I have been around the mall at Cumberland and 8th when traffic flow is stopped to allow for those needing a Tim Horton's fix (SP Mar. 9/12.) I have now taken to avoiding the mall all together.

I have absolutely no idea how the city can fix this other than to restrict left hand turns into the mall area for those heading south down Cumberland. What I do know is that I don't want massive tax dollars spent on roadway infrastructure to accommodate coffee shop traffic.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marketing magic

Interesting how the Mayor and his ilk have backed out the $13 million cost of the underground parking from the new gallery construction. These two projects go hand-in-hand. But I give credit to the marketing strategists in successfully hoodwinking the public into believing that the cost of the total project is less than it really is.

In past when a project is planned that is so divisive in the community ( Sask Place, casino) Councils of past have given the public their say through a referendum. Why not on this matter?

And since this Council has not brought in a capital project on budget, no one should assume this gallery project will come in at $84 million.

Who was that wise lady who thought River Landing should re-named The Atch Hole?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have not made adjustments to this blog that have prohibited response. However, Google has changed its format recently. Some report to me that they can post from home computers but not from networked computers.

What a sham!

Well, we have the preliminary report on the operating costs of the Remai Art Gallery and it appears that we will require an addition $1.5 million annually from the taxpayers in order to avoid admission fees - at least at the beginning.

What perplexes me is why the city would budget $750,000 for the bridge and road repair reserve for 2012 and 2013 and then plan to shuffle this money over to the the art gallery for operating costs in 2015 (SP Mar. 7/12.)

I expect taxes will need to be raised to cover bridge and road repairs in the future, but it won't have to raise taxes for the new gallery (LOL.)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There's gold in thos meters

The only thing the city seems to be able to source money from is parking meters. It will take 500,000 hours of parking to recover the $1 million investment (carrying costs not included.) The best this has to offer is that taxpayers do not pick up this tab, only those needing parking downtown pay this freight. At least I hope that is the case.

Councillor Pat Lorje also wants to increase early payment fine costs claiming they are ridiculously low. However, the 10 cent alert for those using the cell service to remind them that their parking meter need replenishing may thwart that cash cow - unless of course you've already gone beyond the two our limit.

Although plugging meters on Sunday didn't fly, perhaps they should extend the hours for meter parking and include evenings. Think of all those younguns swilling booze in bars in the evening that would forget to run out and plug a meter. Or those attending a movie beyond the two hour time limit. You could nail them for a expired parking meters and for parking beyond the two hour limit.

There are limitless possibilities here.

Monday, March 5, 2012

CUC's wearing Lingerie

The Lingerie Football League is bringing out all of Saskatoon's big brothers (and sisters) to save us from ourselves.

Personally I think the idea is ridiculous. But I'm not keen on any events that demean the participants in order to titillate the audience. The best protest is simply to not attend such events. If the money doesn't roll in, the promoters will fade away. As it stands now, every media protest simply helps advertise the event and tweak the public's interest.

CUC is a public facility and available for the events by any organization operating within the boundaries of the law. Not every event held there appeals to every citizen. We don't live in the bible belt and the board and management of this facility was not established to be the watchdog of public morals. If they needed the consent of the citizenry before booking every event, CUC would be dark most days of the year.

The bright side to this would be getting CUC's name off this facility and re-branding it as a publicly owned building.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Posting problems

Blogasphere residents - I have had people calling that they are unable to post on this site. I hope to have the computer geek fix this over the weekend. Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


If the country and province are enjoying such a robust economy, why are the Prime Minister and Premier looking for cuts to programs that serve the most needy in our community? Perhaps they a wisely looking down the road and around the corner. And perhaps the city should follow suit.