Friday, May 27, 2011

Either way we're screwed

It has been strongly rumoured that Pat Atkinson is going to be running for the mayor's chair and that her inside ears at Executive Committee meetings keep her informed of the current mayor's position and/or comments which will be used during the campaign. Very scary! Its one of those from the frying pan to the fire scenarios.

In today's SP, on page E7, there is a picture entitled "New Platinum Club Member." There are four gentlemen in the photo, one being our Mayor Atch. However, in the names listed under the photo our Mayor is referred to a Honourable Mayor Pat Atchison.

Is this a faux pas or harbinger?

You gotta laugh or you'll cry.


  1. The Commies are coming, the Commies are coming.

    NDP sympathizing candidates are taking over council as is and I fully expect Pat to come out of retirement and run for mayor to lead the comrades.

    Her previous little minion Loewen will be there to beckon on Pat's every word, Comrade Clark will surely return now that the mayor will actually pay attention to him, Lt. Lorje will be happy to see her old pal show up on the municipal scene, I even suspect Hill may bow to the left wishes in order to keep his seat (i.e. have the NPD target another riding as opposed to his). Add in some newbie and you have your left-wing loonies running Saskatoon.

    First project for the Commies: building Station 21, Station 22, Station 23 and Station 24 and maybe a dozen other projects that no one actually paying the taxes to build them will ever get a tangible use out of.

  2. Such vitriol aimed at the NDP on this blog. Did people really suffer so much ? Do people need to be reminded of who pulled this province out of the financial problems inherited to us by Devine? Even Brad Wall had to admit that the Sask Party found no major issues with finances in the province when they took over. Perhaps you didn't agree with some of the ways inw hich the government was run under the NDP but for the most part they kept us on a firm path towards economic stability. Certainly the Sask party can't take full credit for the revenues pouring into the province right now.

    My other question is why do "Conservatives" have a problem with Station 20 West? Surely its existence will only enhance the lives of people who need access to these services. Perhaps in the long run it may save our health care system money by providing proactive treatment for issues that will only cost more in the long term. I put Conservativesin quotations to differentiate fiscal conservatives from the Reform style conservatives who seem to have very Malthusian beliefs about the less fortunate in society.

    Now if you asked me about spending on the new Art gallery I would agree with a reluctance to spend this much money- I just think we should be renovating/expanding the existing gallery.

  3. What idiocy.

    First, it takes Brad Wall $3 Billion a year more to run Saskatchewan that it took Calvert.

    Second, it's Atch and his merry band of right-wingers on Council that buried Saskatoon in $175 million (and counting) in debt while jacking up taxes at twice the rate of inflation.

    Arguments that the Saskatchewan "commies" are fiscally irresponsible have absolutely no basis in fact.

    But keep parroting Gormley's mantra until you believe it to be true.

  4. Ummm perhaps the reason Wall's budget is $3 billion higher is because revenues have come in at a higher rate and the Sask Party has paid $3 billion off the debt.

    Let's see NDP see a revenue surplus and they think let's pay off all the unions.

    Sask Party sees a surplus and pays off the debt.

    Anyone not employed by a public sector union should be doing cartwheels of joy that the Sask Party is in power.

    As for Atkinson running for mayor. I doubt it. She said just a while ago she was retiring from politics. If she does an about face this soon, how will we be able to trust her on anything.

  5. Nice try.

    The final NDP budget forecasted $7.8 billion in spending. $2.5 billion in extra resource revenue rolled over that budget year due to the resource boom.

    The SaskParty was obliged by accounting rules to put surplus funds from the NDP's outgoing budget on debt.

    Then when their kick at the can came in 2008/2009, the SP ramped up spending to well over $10 billion in that and each subsequent year.

    Oh - and net provincial debt since 2008 has been growing, not shrinking.

    I'm sorry that the facts interfere with your Gormley parrot job. Feel free to check these numbers for yourself:

  6. Anon 1244 - um, wasn't it the SK Party that gave the nurses 35% over 3 years? under the NDP the teachers took a lot of 0, 0, 1....

    Under Atch Council has increased property taxes by nearly 40% over the past 8 years....yikes!

  7. Could somebody point to a time when Wall has been a fiscal conservative? He brought in the biggest budget deficit in the provinces history and his rather short time in the private sector was coloured in red ink.

  8. I could point you to that time, but it would require a trip to Fantasyland.

  9. I live outside of Saskatchewan, I cannot understand how the residents of your province are so negative towards Wall.

    Across Canada, to members of all political stripes Wall is seen as progressive, young and charismatic leader.

    The only people that seem to hate him are the left wing leaning people of Saskatchewan.

    Step outside of your borders and realize it is a big world and you guys are blessed to have a leader like Brad Wall.

  10. How quaint. You live outside of Saskatchewan yet frequent a blog primarily about Saskatoon civic politics. You certainly must be a neutral observer from afar.

  11. Ahh there is the Saskatchewan attitude that I love, criticize any outsider. Sweet philosophy for getting through life.

    If you must know, I am old friends of the Mistress and have included the blog amongst my hometown reading. I didn't realize that being a friend of the Mistress' would automatically make me share her entire political ideology and viewpoints. But I like how you jump to the conclusion that anyone who follows from afar cannot possibly have an opinion that differs from the Mistress.

    Back to the original point, you really don't know how luck you are to have Brad Wall as a Premier. Enjoy the good times.

  12. "I didn't realize that being a friend of the Mistress' would automatically make me share her entire political ideology and viewpoints"

    Who made that claim, aside from the invention of your mind?

  13. Good Grief! Are you people a bunch of grade school kids....sure sounds like it. Cant any of you see past your respective political ideologies? Why is it that political ideologues cant limit their discussions to intellegent arguments rather then these non sensical diatribes over who is worse...NDP or Conservatives. Grow up and provide some intellegent discussion. You are boring the hell out of the rest of us with your childish rhetoric.

  14. If you came for intelligent political conversation, you are at the wrong blog.

  15. ^^^ No kidding.

    Every time I visit this blog the same guy is here talking about the commies. Seriously ??

    Please tell me you are just joking.

  16. What do you expect when the blog's author talks about puking as a form of recycling, and bases her arguments solely on whatever POS article she reads in the StarPhoenix minutes earlier?

    It really is completely preposterous and pathetic.

    Civic Mistress: Like a car wreck, you have to look.

  17. I can't fathom how a comment on Pat Atkinson running for the mayor's chair turns into a critique on Wall's government. I suspect some of you have severe ADHA.

    Nor do I understand why anyone,whose opionion of this blog is so low, would waste their time reading or commenting on it.

    Anon 12:44 - Atkinson said she was retiring from provincial politics. Her response months back on the question of a return to politics was 'never say never.'

  18. Should question the first poster who attacked Pat on a number of issues which are provincial and not civic.

  19. Pat will be running for mayor, and her political history is fair game if she does. I agree the first post was immature, but the real question is why you lower your standards to the lowest common denominator?

    Apparently, your parents never taught you about taking the high road.

  20. And neither did yours.

  21. I know you are, but what am I?

    God there are a lot of childish people on this board, that sit on both sides of the proverbial fence.

  22. I've been on the road so haven't had the time to read all the blogs lately. This one is interesting. As for Pat running or even becoming Mayor I find the latter unpalatable. If she does decide to run it would make for a good race. As for Mayor Don and the rest of council's spending spree I don't like some of the things they are doing but at least they are trying to get things done that have been put off for years.

    That brings me to the Wall government and the idea they are spending like drunken sailors. Maybe we don't remember a time when this province was classified as having the worst roads in the nation, highest personal income tax rates and people leaving faster than the Roadrunner when he saw the coyote. Yes Wall has spent more but that hasn't come by increasing taxes to the average citizen in fact many pay no provincial tax at all because of this government. Say what you want but I for one like the New Saskatchewan and it is because of the Wall government we are there today.

    Now lets take on the station 20 west issue. I thought they were almost to the point of going ahead with the project on their own. Wouldn't that legitimize the gov. position as to not needing to fund it?? Some programs are important for the province as a whole however not every project needs government funding.

    As to that video link If that's what the Liberals think will get them elected in this province I don't see them moving forward an any election any time soon.

    If the Reds wouldn't have a kanipshit every time someone mentions privatization of the crowns this debt would be null and void by now. So lets remove the crowns that are already dealing in a private market economy and all that debt would be erased permanently from the government coffers and so would any ability of any government taking dividends to boost their "balanced" budgets. Ah but i dream the impossible dream.


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