Monday, May 2, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub . . .

floating adrift in a sea of voter indecision. Today we see who will be washed up and who will be washed ashore.

Anyway you cut it, all three of the 'major' political parties should be examining their leadership.

If Harper can't pull off a majority after four elections, I suspect the Conservative Party should be looking at a new leader. Many whom I have spoken with state they like the Conservative agenda, but they don't like Harper. But who do they replace him with?

Ignatieff, although he dreams of leading the party into another election, has become the Liberals' nightmare. But who waits in the wings?

Layton, who would receive over-whelming support from his party to continue, has health issues that will he will have to consider in his future. And who could succeed him?

And dear old Gilles will be bouncing around in a rubber room wondering what in hell just happened to the Bloc in Quebec.

And I am no closer to making a decision on who to vote for than I was a month ago. I don't support any of the candidates in my constituency. Do you just hold your nose and vote for the party? What a helluva way to elect a government - vote against someone rather than for someone.

Perhaps this country has grown to the point that no party can garner support across the nation due to regional differences and disproportionate regional population numbers.

On that cheery note I am off to the polls.

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  1. May I suggest the KFC Party~ LOL
    I am just putting my own name on the ballot, at least I've done my duty.


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