Monday, March 5, 2012

CUC's wearing Lingerie

The Lingerie Football League is bringing out all of Saskatoon's big brothers (and sisters) to save us from ourselves.

Personally I think the idea is ridiculous. But I'm not keen on any events that demean the participants in order to titillate the audience. The best protest is simply to not attend such events. If the money doesn't roll in, the promoters will fade away. As it stands now, every media protest simply helps advertise the event and tweak the public's interest.

CUC is a public facility and available for the events by any organization operating within the boundaries of the law. Not every event held there appeals to every citizen. We don't live in the bible belt and the board and management of this facility was not established to be the watchdog of public morals. If they needed the consent of the citizenry before booking every event, CUC would be dark most days of the year.

The bright side to this would be getting CUC's name off this facility and re-branding it as a publicly owned building.

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  1. "we don't live in the bible belt..." WHAT? Don't tell Brad & Maurice, they'll cast you out. LOL

    Love the letter in the Regina paper.

    "I can't help but laugh at the bawling and abject misandry that followed the announcement of Regina getting a Lingerie Football League team. For example, Tina Beaudry-Mellor's Feb. 25 editorial decries the "deeply normalized ... sexual objectification of women in our society" as if objectification is unique to women - in particular, attractive female athletes.
    Sure, and David Beckham would still be modeling undies for H&M if he were a fat, ugly, rocket-scientist (no offence to fat, ugly rocket-scientists)! ....

    Of course, I will gladly eat these words if Beaudry-Mellor and her ilk have ever put pen to paper in defence of firefighters who are similarly "exploited" year-after-year to sell calendars or - in keeping with the theme of football - if she has ever chastised a friend or colleague for marveling at how well Darian Durant, Andy Fantuz, et al fit into their football pants! I suspect, however, that I'll be going hungry.

    Rob Stadnyk, Regina "

    Say when was the last time the "Thunder from down under" or similar act performed at TCUP?

    Wasn't the Exotic Erotic Ball held at TCUP in past years?


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