Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There's gold in thos meters

The only thing the city seems to be able to source money from is parking meters. It will take 500,000 hours of parking to recover the $1 million investment (carrying costs not included.) The best this has to offer is that taxpayers do not pick up this tab, only those needing parking downtown pay this freight. At least I hope that is the case.

Councillor Pat Lorje also wants to increase early payment fine costs claiming they are ridiculously low. However, the 10 cent alert for those using the cell service to remind them that their parking meter need replenishing may thwart that cash cow - unless of course you've already gone beyond the two our limit.

Although plugging meters on Sunday didn't fly, perhaps they should extend the hours for meter parking and include evenings. Think of all those younguns swilling booze in bars in the evening that would forget to run out and plug a meter. Or those attending a movie beyond the two hour time limit. You could nail them for a expired parking meters and for parking beyond the two hour limit.

There are limitless possibilities here.

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