Thursday, April 26, 2012

In with the old or out with the old?

I agree with Gerry Klein's column today (SP Apr.26/12) in that Henry Dayday will make this year's civic election interesting.  I also agree that folks who are concerned with the spending in this city by the current civic government should put pen to paper to voice those concerns. 

We should have debate whether Saskatoon's priorities should be more world class facilities - or repair, maintenance and replacement of our basic infrastructure needs.  The recent short-term closure of the Broadway Bridge  will hopefully increase  the awareness of the need for a full-service river crossing as opposed to a cyclist/pedestrian crossing that can double as another festival/market venue.

No matter how creative your accounting skills, this city is in huge debt and planning to increase it.  When the time comes and millions of dollars are needed in the city centre areas for 100-year old underground sewer and water repair and /or replacement, how will it happen when our credit is used up?  Or does a water treatment plant, driveable roadways and underground infrastructure count as world class facilities? 

Although I look forward to the next several months, I do so with some angst as I suspect the cheap politics may override discussion on the real issues.


  1. this city may be in huge debt but it isn't because of Mayor Atchison - it is because of the inaction of the former Mayor Dayday. He is the one to thank, for not thinking past the single minute he was living in.

  2. According to Mayor Dayday, he did not move forward with any projects unless the money was already in place. I assumed that was because he didn't want future citizens to carry the burden of debt. So I do think he was thinking of future consequences of city spending, unlike the current bunch.

    What baffles me is that the city does not seem to set aside enough cash for ongoing maintenance when they know it is going to be required. Isn't it foolish to think some govt grant is coming to us out of thin air to cover our repairs and maintenance?

    I wonder if Elaine would consider running for council again...we need more common sense there.


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