Monday, April 30, 2012

Let the contest begin

I guess someone has to start the worst street for potholes in the city.  I am nominating 1) 8th Street between Lorne Avenue and Sask Crescent West, 2) the road from Sask Crescent West and 8th Street  to Taylor, 3) Taylor Street from Sask Crescent West to Lorne Avenue.  You can't even dodge the potholes and washboard on these roads, although I noted several vehicles veering into on-coming traffic lanes attempting to avoid them. I'm not even sure these can be fixed by the pothole patrol they are so far gone.

A few years back, before this provincial government started putting money into our highways, many felt the broken down secondary highways would be better if they reverted back to gravel.  I'm starting to think the same about some of our city streets.


  1. You'd think by now, that there is something new out there for road repair materials or technology, more permanent and less costly.

    I wondor how other cities handle their pot hole problems?

  2. now that we will be required to pay for a stupid recycling program wait for the complaining and worst road contest after we have to have TWO large heavy trucks driving down the streets.


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