Friday, November 6, 2009

Big Boo Boo

The recent poll on the provincial government was not surprising but intriguing. What was most noticeable was Cam Cooper's comment the the NDP have not yet benefited from a "Lingenfelter lift." Generally speaking euphoria follows immediately after a leadership change. I'm not sure whether the poll is reflective of Premier Wall's leadership or Mr. Lingenfelter lack thereof or whether the public likes Wall's new style politics vs. Lingenfelter same old, same old - throw a little mud and hope something sticks.

Interestingly I was in Alberta and had dinner last weekend with some long-term friends who have been died-in-the-wool ex-pat socialists. To keep any of our evenings from being disastrous we generally avoid discussing politics. I was taken aback when one friend said there was one one reason Saskatchewan was doing so well as of late. I bit . . that would be because . . .? Simple response - Brad Wall. He even acknowledged he could vote for Wall. I nearly fell off the chair - and it was not a liquor related incident.

Lingenfelter said he never viewed his return to Saskatchewan politics as a sprint, but rather as a steady climb to the 2011 election. I'm skeptical that his "tortoise and hare" race is going to end the fabled way.

In the end the NDP leadership boo boo looks like it might be an election night boo hoo.


  1. Except the only polls that matter happen on election day. And the last two polls saw the NDP win two seats with a majority of the vote with numbers close to those of 2007. I'm not sure a 1.3 billion dollar deficit is doing well but the economy certainly was booming before Wall so he taken little to no credit.

    Anybody from the Saskatchewan party been watching QP lately? Calling female MLAs names along the lines of dumb bitches certainly does not follow the hope beats fear line.

  2. D-Felt's leadership win will go down as a black mark on the NDP in Saskatchewan.

    Clearly with the recent mud slinging in legislature D-Felt has put in his game plan to make this a dirt dirty election campaign. Expect the dirt to fly on each candidate and in the end we can thank D-Felt for what will be an unproductive election for the people of Saskatchewan, regardless of the outcome.

    How the membership of the NDP could ever elect him is beyond comprehension. I am a Sask Party supporter, but there are about a half dozen MLAs I would think would make excellent leaders able of captivating a wide range of the electorate.

  3. I'm not sure raising the fact this governm,ent has put the province into a billion dollar deficit is dirty politics. Calling a female MLA a dumb bitch on the other hand is dirty politics.

  4. I am an NDPer who thinks Brad Wall is doing a good job. He has taken a page out of Romanow's book and governed from the center.
    Its too bad the NDP members didnt recognize they needed a leader with fresh ideas and a fresh face in order to have a chance at winning the next election.
    If the NDP dont challenge their own party leadership they will be in the wilderness for a long time. It doesnt do any party any good to merely follow like a bunch of sheep.
    Not recognizing Wall's popularity and the reasons why he is popular is simply denial at their own peril.
    Sadly, the NDP chose a leader from the distant past who does anything but inspire the voters. His old style old boys club politics will do nothing to win over the electorate next election.
    Many former NDP supporters will simply remain on the sidelines as they dont see them as an effective alternative...

  5. Well said Political Junkie. For the first time in a while the message board of the blog has seen an intelligent post that isn't simply slander to those with opposing views.

    I agree with your assessment, perhaps the best NDP approach is going to be fielding better candidates in the wards and looking to garner support that way. I think the party's best strategy would be to shift the focus to individual races. There are several qualified NDP candidates that would do well if the decision was on a riding basis as opposed to a leadership debate. I think Wall defeats Lingenfelter easily as a leader and that an election based on those two will be an easy Sask Party victory. Shift the focus locally an concentrate there. Plus start bringing up some of the younger faces with fresh ideas such as Charlie Clark or Sean Shaw.

  6. Thank you for the compliment anon.
    Yes, they do need to bring in some young fresh faces. But they need people with strong business acumen as well as being strong on social issues. I dont think that either of the two you noted have a strong background on economic/business issues. In my view,what they need to find is a young Romanow.And until they do, people like myself wont be supporting them.

  7. Find a young Romanow? The Riders have a better chance of finding a young Lancaster. They do need someone with a strong business acumen though, problem is that most young people that fit that profile have been alienated by the party as the old guard has struggled battling each other for control after Calvert left. A bunch of has older politicians who have put personal agendas ahead of the best interest of the party, it's an ironic sort of twist.

  8. I was told that the NDP supported Linkenfelter for the leadership because they believed he could win the next election. (They may have been misguided on this). But a party should chose a leader based on values, principles and integrity, as well as political and business acumen. The most important question that NDPers should have asked themselves was: "Does this person (new face or old) represent what I believe and want for my community, my province and my family?"

    It is about vision based on solid, genuine principles,not just say what you have to, to get what you want. New face or old these values and traits are needed in a leader.

    As to name calling in the legislature or in the school yard or anywhere for that matter, it isn't funny - it is a bullying tactic, whether it is calling female MLA's names or calling someone a loser - it is wrong and there should be zero tolerance for such a low calibre of behavior from our elected officials.

  9. Well said anon. Unfortuately all parties now choose leaders based on winnability first and foremost....honesty,integrity, values etc. are secondary. And todays leaders fail in succession planning. Neither Romanow nor Calvert groomed a future leader. And nor did the Conservatives/Sask Party. Like corporations, leaders of poitical parties, have a responsibilty to ensure there are those in the wings groomed to take the helm..

  10. You may be right political junkie, and without passing judgment on the Sask party or the NDP leadership, parties shouldn't forget that "winnability" can be and often is synonymous with vision, principles and integrity etc. A leader without these attributes may very well not be "winnable". And so the least "expedient" thing to do would be to focus on what is perceived to be "winnability" at the expense of values and principles.
    I would hope our political parties are wiser than that. I would like to believe that they are.

  11. What are people's visions on the future of the provincial parties? Will the relatively young group of people surrounding Wall remain involved in Provincial politics and form a solid governing party/opposition for the next while? Will the NDP see their own version of Wall emerge from their party and captivate the province? Who are the next names to be recognizable in each and party or have potential to become Premiere one day.

    I am just beginning to get into politics, especially at the Provincial level. I've never had an allegiance to any party. One final question I have, why are there virtually no Liberals (as in the party not the philosophy) in Saskatchewan?

  12. D-Felt? How cozy is that? Is this the same guy who came from Calgary to an NSBA Lunch at the Hilton Downtown and extolled the virtue of Uranium processing and storage in good old Saskatchewan. I guess he had a change of heart or saw the light. As for slinging mud D-Felt might want to tread softly there to.

  13. Could somebody explain how stating a fact like Wall is running a massive deficit is throwing mud?


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