Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grandstanding or governing

If politicians want to know what creates voter apathy they simply need to look at the antics in the legislature when the NDP MLA's went on a short "strike." We have have serious issues in the province and the city regarding health care, energy etc. that require the collective input from both sides of the government. When you get up and leave the venue its hard to believe that you really want to problem solve. I would hope there are avenues to use when dealing with conduct of a minister or speaker other than shirking your responsibilities to constituents. We deserve better.

If you are looking for a political grandstanding do it after your job in the legislature is done. It may simply be a problem of not being able to teach old dogs new tricks and that we need some new dogs. I think all those who left should be docked pay.


  1. How about a Minister lying to the Members of the Legislature? Seems to be the more serious issue at hand....

  2. Lying in the legislature is a serious issue. It has been in past, is at present and should be in future. My point is walking out does not solve the problem.

  3. Perhaps you're prepared to offer an alternative solution?

  4. Maybe the NDP MLA's feel they are being "bullied" by the Government and felt walking away to be the best policy. If this is the case lets hope they walk right out of the Province the next election, I hear Ontario is looking for left wingers. OOps maybe that's just the Leafs. But can you really blame them they have no answers of their own and as always see striking as the only solution to a problem. I would hope they aren't lining up for the H1N1 because they just showed they aren't essential to running this Province. My mistake again They don't run this Province the SaskParty is in charge of that and I for one hope it lasts a long time.

  5. I think it is more that the people of Saskatchewan have a Government Minister who feels it is ok to lie to them in the Legislature.

  6. At lest we don't have a leader that uses the excuse that he can't remember his own statements or changes his stripes at the turn of a dime. I'm sure the Minister in question was just following the previous government's method of answering the house. He must have learned his lessons well by sitting and watching the NDP do it for years. Something that won't be repeated for many years or for sure as long as the NDP are on the "DL".

  7. Can we please stop with the partisan politics, if the roles were reversed in this situation the NDP supporters would be chastising the Sask Party MLAs twice as bad as the NDP are getting it right now, and the Sask Party supporters would be defending the actions of a 'voiceless' opposition.

    The point the Mistress was trying to make, whatever her political stripes may be, is that it is counter productive to simply walk out from a meeting as a sign of protest. It is acting like a 10 year old, only the 10 year old's parents would likely scold them for treating their colleagues with such disrespect.

    The legislature has become so dysfunctional of late, including one MLA who had a catastrophic breakdown last year over someone name calling her come out and start name calling others. Both sides are slinging insults with zeal while absorbing retorts too much sensitivity.

    I do agree that the walk out was quite childish and deserves to be called out. What poor poor leadership they have elected.

  8. No, you just have a leader who thought it was morally ok to steal liquor from taxpayers and allow his ministers to lie in the legislature. It is amazing how the Saskatchewan party talked so much about the need for a vision for the future but the party and its supporters are so stuck in the past. Congrats! You have a leader who has done nothing but suck on the public tit for his entire life and allows his Ministers to lie to the people of Saskatchewan!

    To the last poster. I would say challenging a government on his financial record is completely different then being called a dumb bitch by a Saskatchewan party MLA.

  9. If we want to talk about stealing from taxpayers and liquor, lets talk about every government since prohibition and all those employees that work for SLGA. And I don't want to hear that we need this Gov. control with all it's extra costs or anything about how good the employees are on not selling to minors,its a crock of #^%&#. This monopoly needs to be halted if Sasktel can go it in the public sector I can't see why the SLGA couldn't make just as much money for the Province by opening the door to private business operating stores. The Gov. can still make the money on the wholesale side of things and those sales taxes they seem to be so good at.

  10. I am provincial NDP supporter and agree with the mistress. We need to tell our politicans..all of them..that we need to get the peoples work done! Stop your partisan bickering and get to work!
    Walking out was truly childish! Mr. Lingenfleter should stick to formulating policies and drop the childish behaviour. Saskatchewan citizens are looking for solutions to some very important issues & this kind of antic will only alienate supporters like myself. Stop the b.s. and get to work!!!

  11. "No, you just have a leader who thought it was morally ok to steal liquor from taxpayers and allow his ministers to lie in the legislature. It is amazing how the Saskatchewan party talked so much about the need for a vision for the future but the party and its supporters are so stuck in the past."

    Who is the one stuck in the past? Claiming Wall stole liquor is a stretch at best, signed a form accepting delivery for his superior, yes.

    To that poster why continue to proliferate the misinformation? Clearly you want to clarify the 'misinformation about your beloved NDP, yet in the same paragraph follow the typical propaganda spewed to you by your party. In case you are too ignorant to understand it: THE NDP ARE AS BIG OF LIARS AS THE SASK PARTY YOU DENOUNCE!!!

    Is that clear enough for you? You come off as extremely ignorant and weak minded when you sprout off the party lines like you are here.

    Are you really advocating that she was simply 'challenging a government on his financial record'? Do you know what was said or are you simply recycling what the party has fed you? If you believe that is the proper way to challenge an member of government then you have a screw loose in the head.

    Keep spreading the misinformation people, with every word posted here each party loses a little more credibility.

  12. haha are the NDP supporters really defending Higgins' behaviour of late? What a farce, even Comrade (Murray) Mandryk had the sense to denounce the fine line she is walking after, in her words, being so deeply hurt and affected by being personally attacked a year ago. The previous poster is right, all politicians are liars....quit posting your respective parties on a pedestal.

    This thread is one rogue Liberal supporter away from being complete.

  13. Yeah, I forgot the ethics of the Saskatchewan party. Calling a female MLA a dumb bitch is ok but being challenged on the goverments fiscal record is wrong. Go look at hansard to see what was said. At the end of the day a government Minister lied to the people of Saskatchewan on the release of a dangerous offender.

    If you want to deal with an issue deal with that.

  14. Taking liquor for the use by government ministers when no government policy exist for such an event would be called stealing by most.

    I'm pretty sure calling a member of the legislature a dumb bitch is not ok but I think most people in Saskatchewan can agree that asking a government about its record is fair game.

  15. "Taking liquor for the use by government ministers when no government policy exist for such an event would be called stealing by most."

    Translation: Sask Party is very very bad, they steal from the people.

    "I'm pretty sure calling a member of the legislature a dumb bitch is not ok but I think most people in Saskatchewan can agree that asking a government about its record is fair game."

    Translation: NDP party are innocent and only after the truth for the people, Sask party are bad bad people. Everything NDP does is good, everything Sask Party do is bad.

    Give me a break, ridiculous posts such as the above do nothing but take away from the debate. Do you just expect that the rest of society is as ignorant and susceptible as you are? The NDP must either target the really ignorant and dumb people to spread their propaganda or have a hell of a good brainwashing machine.

  16. No one from the Sask Party was even part of the liquor stealing that is being tossed around here. It was the old Progressive Conservatives, and to think that you would attempt to implicate an young staffer with the scheme... what a stretch.

    Get some real facts, if the liquor stealing is the worst accusation the NDP can throw at Wall then he must be doing one hell of a job. Typical NDP garbage.

  17. I think the poster that brought up the name calling by an MLA after melting down the previous year was referring to NDP MLA Sandra Morin. Here is an excerpt from Mandryk's article which I found online. I have to admit I am unsure what was said to Morin last year to make her meltdown, or what she said in response. Just passing along what I believe the initial comment was alluding to:

    "But such Sask. Party snippiness pales compared with the premeditated attempts by NDP MLAs Sandra Morin and Darcy Furber to use their throne speech replies (and the absolute privilege from slander lawsuits that the chamber provides) to assassinate Wall's character.

    Morin's speech was ghastly, again smearing Wall for that now 18-year-old videotape, his resume in business and his signature on a now 20-year-old request form to have free liquor sent to then-liquor board minister John Gerich's office. Besides the fact that these "issues" were long ago raised by the NDP, what's more irksome is that they came from a person who, two years ago, had one of the worst meltdowns in memory over -- get this -- someone calling her a name in the legislature. (If you don't like to be treated in a nasty way, perhaps you shouldn't treat other people that way.)"


    Does anyone know what the original Morin incident was or have more details on the latest spat? It would appear that even an NDP supporter believes the party has been acting rather questionably lately.

  18. Who cares...doesnt anyone here wish to discuss the issues?? You people sound like a bunch of school yard cry babies!
    Oooooh the NDP are villains..pillaging the people of Saskatchewan, socialist mongers and on and on ..oooo the Sask Party are the villains..dont care about the poor, wanna privatize medicare,,,,blah blah blah! This is just like being in the legilature ..bunch of whining cry babies!!
    Try to show a tad of maturity and discuss the issues in an intellegent and civil manner...if you are capable of doing so??

  19. Brad Wall was part of the stealing liquor and I'm glad you Saskatchewan supporters can agree it was stealing. I worry if we have a Premier who allows Ministers to lie and mislead the province. But I guess when the line of attacks you support are "bumb bitch" I guess rational thinking is not to be expected.

  20. I'm looking forward to the NDP MLAs returning their pay stubs for skipping out on a day of work.

  21. I'm looking forward to the two Ministers having to apoligize to the people of Saskatchewan for their lack of respect in the legislature.


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