Friday, November 13, 2009

Go with the flow (or up the creek?)

I have debated the big box issue with myself for so long I feel schizophrenic.

In some instances the city had no say in big box development because the land was zoned for such use. The Galaxy Theatres was one such example. In other instances the city created the zoning to allow for it - Preston Crossing, Stonegate, Blairmore. I admit to being opposed to big box malls believing they would shut down small business and destroy the entrepreneurial spirit. Nor did I want to be enslaved to Walmart.

On reflection this process started decades ago. With few exceptions, small corner grocery stores, butcher shops and bakeries gave way to supermarkets - one stop shopping for today's busy families. Small video shops could not compete with Blockbuster. Local hardware store suffered the peril of battling Home Depots. We all wanted convenience and better prices offered through economy of scale.

Small shops lost out to departments stores. Now department stores are altering the stock offered. Aside from the Christmas season, gone are toy departments. Off you go to Toys-R-Us or Walmart for selection. General hardware items or small necessaries like an inexpensive plastic waste basket, dish drain, step stool or similar products are no longer readily available at Sears or the Bay. I think you get the picture.

We satisfy ourselves with a quaint morning at a farmer's market or craft festival and lament a way of life lost. I expect our grandparents feel the same way and satisfy themselves with a visit to the WDM. The times they are a changing.

I throw in the towel - albeit a 'second' from Walmart.

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