Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toss Trost

I understand Planned Parenthood is an organization that educates on contraception and reproductive responsibility, health and privacy issues, provides counselling on an unplanned pregnancy and options for women in dealing with their circumstance. I will not get into the no win ProLife/ProChoice debate. This is an international agency dealing with a serious issue.

MP Trost has not put forward a plan on how to support women during gestation, or after birth, or for the child born in these circumstances. It seems to be the theme "bring them into the world and let them fend for themselves." I don't see him bringing in a plan to provide day care services to allow teen moms to get back to school so they might, in future, support themselves and their child. If, in the event of post-natal depression or hopelessness, children are neglected, abused or abandoned he'll no doubt lead the charge to have the mother charged and jailed - but not supported.

He states in the Petition: "the IPPF does not support physician's freedom to practice according to their conscience and/or religious beliefs regarding abortion referral." I might agree that a physician should not be forced to perform an optional procedure against conscience, but not a referral to another physician. And it is shameful that MP Trost thinks he should impose this holier than thou position on developing nations.

Planned Parenthood may not receive Mr. Trost's support, and Mr. Trost will not receive my support. I am ashamed of my MP and I pray that the majority of members of parliament will toss his petition and that Saskatoon-Humboldt voters will toss him.


  1. Wow, either everyone is getting their H1N1 shot today or nobody wants to touch this one Mistress. I will agree Mr. Trost should have thought twice before lumping all the good this group does in with one aspect he does not agree with. This is a tough call and I don't support abortion, so believe this is what Mr. Trost should be working to have his party change.

  2. This move is purely political. The Conservative Party and its MPs understand that they simply cannot get elected without the support of the extreme religious right. Since conservatives are inherently selfish, it doesn't take long for them to start asking "what have you done for ME - as opposed to society in general - lately?"

    Trost has to feign sympathy for the sizable extreme wing of his party so that, at election time, when he's asked what he's done to set society back 50 years, he can simply state: "Well, I tried."

  3. "extreme religious right".... Anon I'm not sure why you would characterize everyone that is against abortion in this manner. I don't consider myself as an overly religious person but I do have a "belief" life starts at conception. I may be considered right wing but to put the 2 together and in your opinion I'm now an extremist! Take a pill

  4. "Since conservatives are inherently selfish,"

    Since we are point out the obvious, that socialists (a.k.a. NDP)are inherently naive, ignorant and susceptible people. Perhaps that explains their inability to question anything so long as you jam 'fair', 'equal' or 'for the better of society' in front of it.

    For the record I don't actually believe that above, just making a point that every left ling voter in this forum seems to have this view that anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint is obviously evil or selfish. As most rational people know, there are intelligent people on both sides of the spectrum and that making broad based assumptions on any identifiable group is a form of bigotry. So when Anon states inherently all conservatives are evil they are doing nothing more than showing their bigotry towards other groups. In all likelihood if this left leaning dope is a bigot to people based on their political views, they probably hold similar bigoted views against others simply based on their race and/or religion.

  5. I haven't characterized everyone opposed to abotion in any manner. There is a difference between being opposed to abortion and eliminating funding to an organization that educates people on ALL of the available options.

    Furthermore, if one believes that life begins at conception, and therefore also believes that abortion should be illegal, the logical action would be to work toward anti-abortion laws. As it stands, all Mr. Trost is attempting to do is to cut funding to an organization that is acting completely within the boundaries of the law.

  6. Here we go again..left - right rhetoric.
    I take great exception to anon who stated "Since conservatives are inherently selfish, it doesn't take long for them to start asking "what have you done for ME - as opposed to society in general - lately?"
    Its people like that that make the rest of us on the so called left wing look like babbling idiots!
    Ive been NDP for many years & the one thing that irks me most about the ideologues in the party is this self righteous attitude that only they care about the poor...that attitude is just plain stupidity. Just as the right wing ideologues who assume the left is devoid of good ideas and are the big spenders. Its NDP governements in this province that have been the most fiscally conservative.
    These right/left wing labels are inaccurate at best. Most people in this province are middle of the road...right of center on economic issues and left of center on social ones. We all care about this province regardless of our leanings. So lets respectfully disagree on issues rather then resort to the adolescent name calling. Its the name callers who are obviously devoid of ideas!
    With respect to Trost, mistress is right...he needs to go! Not only is he tryign to dictate a womans choice hes also homophobic. We dont need extremists like that representing us.

  7. Trost needs to go, Vellacott needs to go and Block needs to go. The far right members need to go because they do not represent all constituents.

  8. While we are at it can we get rid of the far left MPs as well? They also need to go as they do not represent all constituents?

    Also Mayor Atch should have to go as well, he does not represent all constituents. Obama never received all 100% of the votes so he should go as well.

    I don't think any democratically elected politician represents all constituents so let's just kick everyone out. Good logic there Anon.

  9. Since When do politicians represent all constituents? What a total lack of reality Anon. That maybe what we would like to think but if that was the case they would win by 100% of the voters not realistic at all. Now if you believe that's what they should do it is impossible. Just as this forum has people on both sides, each constituency is made up of people of different beliefs. Don't blame Trost, Vellacott or Block for there actions if they continue to get re-elected they do speak for their constituents. Blame the people that elect them. The bigger question is if they are getting elected are they not doing the job they were ask to do? If they hid their thoughts from the public people here would be chastising them for hidden agendas. I may not agree with them or vote for them but I admire them for having the balls to be open about their convictions.

  10. You are right, blame the voters for electing them. Those of us who are appalled by their stands on various social issues need to get out and work to unseat them.

  11. Voters elected Trost, Vellacott and Block. That is how "the masses" chose them...the masses that chose to get out and vote that, is. And since when is standing up for one's principles and values a wrong thing? Obviously there are many here who are doing the same through this blog. The only difference is these three MPs have their names and faces out there along with their beliefs...perhaps some of us anons want to do the same?? More power to these three for taking a stand and standing firm.

  12. I agree with several others that this is a bit like using a canon rather than a scalpel to deal with a concern.

    Oh yes and Democracy is the worst form of government ................ except for all the others.

  13. I'm sorry but does anybody believe Vellacott represents some of his constituents when he claims their is a drinking shack outside of Saskatoon which is the reason some Aborginal males have been found frozen outside of Saskatoon?

  14. Sadly enough from living in Saskatoon for the past 40 years I do believe that he represents some of his constituents. This is comparatively a very racially divided city and sadly enough it appears in his riding there are enough dated views to get him elected.

    Not my view, more reality.

  15. Is Brad Trost the new Rob Anders?


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