Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One down, one to go

Ho hum. Now that we have put the provincial by-election behind us it is time for the far more interesting civic by-election to unfold. Who will come out of the woodwork? As council is facing a number of critical and pricey issues, whomever fills this seat could tip the direction.

Several issues before council have seen close votes, the most recent being the options given for consideration at the forums dealing with the Traffic Bridge. On a 6-5 vote those options were limited to all-service only. There are still special interest groups dogging for pedestrian/cyclist only. Will they succeed in getting a candidate friendly to their position elected?

Recycling will certainly be on the agenda as well as public transportation.

Let the games begin.

As an aside, when a person runs for public office and leaves for greener pastures before the term is up, should the taxpayer being looking to someone for compensation for the cost of a by-election? Is there not a cause of action for breach of commitment? I'm not speaking of people who leave due to health, family or relocation causes, or those removed for corrupt practice, but simply for those who move up a rung on the ladder. Food for thought.

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