Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pied Piper of Politicis

Well, I guess my theory was wrong when I thought the Premier's opposition to the BHP takeover was simply a political game to show the people of Saskatchewan he was listening to them. When he put forward the reasons for his opposition I thought the game was for Harper to negotiate the concerns with BHP and ensure there would be a net gain to the province and country if their takeover was successful and they would both come out looking like heros.

I'm surprised that we welcome premiers from other provinces weighing in on Saskatchewan issues. Would we be so welcoming if those premiers were not in agreement with us?

It appears that Saskatchewan favours our potash being mined by an American company out of Chicago rather than a Australian company out of Melbourne. I suppose it doesn't make that much difference.

On the other hand we can look forward to PCS continuing to fund our university even though they no longer lean towards hiring our grads. Some folks have suggested to me that we will soon hear an announcement for the new PCS domed stadium in Regina. Whether or not Harper will be as generous with federal money under the P3 program is yet to be determined. When is the next federal election?

Who knew Wall was such an accomplished flute player?


  1. Let me start off by saying I am in my late sixties and I will not be around to see how this whole story plays out, I have aways voted conservative even when it was extremely unpopular to do so. If through what ever trcks may be used the present government builds a domed stadium in Regina I and a lot of people like me will vote them out, even if it just means staying home and not voting. If Walls stand is designed like I think it is to get money from PCS for the stadium and my shares in PCS stop paying dividends so that Regina can have yet another entity paid for by the people of Saskatchewan and our corperate citizens while other communities pay there own way I will be extremely upset.

  2. Anon 11:06
    Just because your old doesn't mean you have to be stupid as well...

    Let's see here. Many of the objections to building a dome stadium are that the "Private" sector should be footing the bill. So if Wall can leverage PCS or BHPB into throwing their corporate hats into the ring, why would there be any objections. Oh wait I see you want "your" unearned Dividend. It's about time people realize you don't get something for nothing and I would love seeing 400 Million from either of these companies to build the stadium. But then again I'm sure some socialist will say they should fund a new hospital or school. Private Corps can do with their money what they want.

    I say good on you Premier.

  3. "If Walls stand is designed like I think it is to get money from PCS for the stadium and my shares in PCS stop paying dividends so that Regina can have yet another entity paid for by the people of Saskatchewan and our corperate citizens"

    Would the stadium under this rationale mainly be paid for by foreign investors since the majority of PCS is owned by foreign investors?

    How would an American owned and operated PCS paying for a stadium translate into the citizens of Saskatchewan footing any part of the bill? Please old man, give your head a shake.

  4. Anon 11:06 - I regret that Anon 12:11 felt the need for rudeness in responding to your post. He/she clearly doesn't understand the P3 program - Public Private Partnership. Clearly the Premier is looking at putting in provincial money and will be asking the federal government to to do as well if he can secure private sector corporations to play.

    It is not only the capital expenditure that causes concern, it is the operating costs that follow.

    On the other hand if the private sector wants to build and operate such a facility I simply say good luck. The City of Regina could use the tax revenue.

  5. Anon 12:11 here,

    Sorry if I hurt some old guys/gals feelings but really I can't stand the nonsense being spewed regarding "not one penny of Public money" should go into the stadium.

    Lets see,
    CUC, TCUP Place, Saskatchewan Art Gallery, Center of the Arts,P.A.'s Art Center and on and on. All are built from the Public purse and most I will never set foot in. But did I get to say no to these and have something I wanted. NADA

    Don't even get me started on the fact my civic tax dollar goes to help somebody that can't afford a home in the city or pay property tax to live here.

    Low cost housing should be exactly that, put in a place where it is the lowest cost. OUT OF TOWN...

    As for tax revenue Mistress maybe we should try getting some out of River Landing before we are all to old to remember what it cost for that fiasco. OVER $1MILLION and counting.

  6. Anon 12:11 (or 2:17 or whatever)

    I agree with you (except for the busing the poor out of town, cause then we would have 'Poor Town' which would soon outnumber Saskatoon and perhaps revolt).

    But seriously why do the complainers all assume that their values and beliefs are the only ones to consider. I couldn't care two licks about a new Art Gallery or Persephone Theatre, yet funding and tax breaks for them are well spent. I also couldn't care less about playgrounds at parks.

    But the second we want to take the money and build a stadium it is the worst possible idea. You want to know what is a terrible idea building a new art gallery when there is nothing wrong with the present one.

    Just because the left leaning NDP nitpickers don't care for football doesn't mean that others don't. I'd bet that more people care about football in this province than do about some lame abstract painting.

    Provincial government, federal funding and private funding should all be tapped for a new stadium.

  7. I am very proud of our Premier and government. They sought out the advice of many many others, even Roy, Al, etc....Saskatchewan is now a true champion on the national scene. Saska? what? where? WE ARE ON THE MAP!!!Watch our Province go!!!

  8. anon 11:06 here;
    Dear 12:11/2:17;
    You are probably right I am stupid! I stayed here while others left. I worked for 45 years and never collected EI or welfare. I never worked for the Government or at a workplace that had a pension plan so I created my own through saving and investing, so I guess my hard earned money is reaping "unearned" income. I never spent a day in a hospital until I was 66 so I haven't been a burden on the health care system. I smoked and drank lot's of booze so I certainly paid my share of sin taxes I collect ccp and oas and it gets clawed back because of my "unearned" income so I still pay significant tax to the feds and province! I guess I am also stupid to expect my shares in a publicly traded corporation to pay a dividend rather than buy support from the government to protect Mr. Doyles interests in PCS. When the BHP deal goes through maybe Mr. Doyle will feel like giving something back to Saskatchewan, since he only lived here for a few years, and give the province some of the $500,000,000 golden parachute he will recieve if they can just get BHP to up the ante to $150. I am no more infavor of any of the other money consumers you mention in your second rant than you are I was merely stating my opinion on the subject the mistress brought up. I think it is worthy of note there are significant differences between the way pulic facilities operations are funded between Regina and ANY other Saskatchewan center, I would like to say however that I would never call someone I don't know and have never met stupid just because I don't agree with his or her point of view. You sound to me to be a relatively astute person so please don't lower others opinion of you through name calling.

  9. To Anon 10:57 - Thank you for your reply. It is truly enjoyable to have a mature response to those who disagree with you.

    The wisdom of age is knowing that people only respond with personal insults when they can't rationally counter contrary opinions.

  10. $500,000,000? That sounds more like a diamond encrusted platinum parachute.


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