Monday, October 4, 2010

Wyant Wins

Well, well, well. It appears that NDP candidate Ms. Jan Dyky has the makings of a politician. Say one thing and do the opposite.

When she kicked off her campaign she stated that she did not intend to focus on the Serge LeClerc issue during the campaign. Yet I have in hand her first brochure and it does very much focus on the former MLA (so much for innocent until proven guilty) and her opponent Councillor Gord Wyant's connection to LeClerc. What about the thousands of voters in Saskatoon Northwest that also connected with LeClerc in the last election? Are they tainted?

Dyky highlights that Wyant made his career as a corporate and banking lawyer specializing in "commercial and secured transactions." I don't know why "commercial and secured transactions" have quotations marks, but would he be more acceptable if he practised in a legal aid clinic helping the poor and down trodden with their issues?

In the brochure it states that although Wyant already has considerable wealth (does he?) he may keep collecting his healthy council salary. Didn't he already announce that if elected as a MLA he would resign council? Recalling earlier newspaper articles, it sounds like the council by-election race has already started.

In fact so much of the brochure is dedicated to Wyant I think he might have to claim some of its cost on his campaign expense report.

The only thing this brochure lets me know about candidate Dyky is that she's shorter than Lingenfelter, unless of course the brochure picture was badly photo shopped and she taller than she appears. Hardly a reason to cast a ballot her way. There is nothing in this brochure that tells us one thing about Dyky other than she is an NDP candidate and where to call to request and lawn sign or volunteer.

As much as I hate to see coronations, if this is the best the opposition has to offer I agree with the pundits that Wyant is walking this one to the bank. It is a secured transaction


  1. "law" sign. a Freudian slip I presume.
    I guess we know who you would support.

  2. Well it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to support a voice of reason.

    Jan Dyky has already exposed herself as the hypocritic that she is.

    I honestly don't get what she was aiming for in her pamphlet. What difference does it make if Wyant was (is?) a lawyer? My biggest problem is that if her opponent worked at 7-11 and she plastered something along the lines of "my opponent is a cashier at a convenience store by trade" people would be up in arms. Yet somehow the NDP can let her produce this BS pamphlet and distribute it.

    Thank god her allegiance with Hill was exposed, we have enough scum on council with him as is. No need to add Dyky scum as well.

  3. Dyky's brochure is not cool, but to be lectured by the Mistress on inflammatory smear jobs...

  4. In total agreement with comment at 11:07 about the Pot calling the Kettle black!!! should look back at some of the things you've said...take a good long look in the mirror!!

  5. I must admit I haven't had the displeasure of viewing the brochure but if what the Mistress attests to is sounds to me that Dyky is trying to smear Mr. Wyant and her supporters writing here are trying to smear the Mistress. Maybe instead of focusing on Wyant's accomplishments (being a lawyer can't be an easy life). She should expound on her life's work and what she wants for that consituency.

    If anything is black about this, I would say the Mistress is calling a Spade a Spade.

  6. I agree with Anon 12:42, but what can you do.

    This is the same old smear tactics that the NDP have always ran.

    I don't ever remember the Mistress saying that she was going to refrain from providing political discourse, in fact I believe that is exactly what the intent of her blog is. I would hardly call the Mistress' opinions 'inflammatory smear jobs', and if one would decide to call them that then it would follow that every opinion from anyone is an inflammatory smear job.

    I think what Dyky supporters are missing is the point of the Mistress article. She was simply pointing out that Dyky said her campaign would not focus on the Serge LeClerc allegations. Yet her very first campaign material distributed has a big picture of Serge with Wyant and allegations of a connection between the two.

    I mean I don't necessarily blame Dyky for attempting to draw that connection in order to secure votes. What I do have a problem with is her announcing she is going to take the high road and not focus on that, then immediately start focusing on it. That is what the Mistress was attempting to allude to here (at least how I interpreted it).

    Then again, can we really blame anyone from the NDP for attempting to distort the real issue? This is not about the Mistress, so Dyky/NDP supporters what is your answer to the real issue: Dyky's apparent hypocrisy on the issue of dragging Serge LeClerc back into this by-election?

  7. There is nothing in Dyky's pamphlet that says anything about her. I received it in mail (live in her ward), and really people should look at it.

    It has nothing to do with her, is nothing but an attempted smear at Wyant.

    I never would have voted for Wyant, based on his city council record, and was leaning towards Dyky as the most likely candidate to knock him off. However, she basically tossed that out the window with this.

    Whoever is in charge of Dyky's campaign (Darren Hill??? This has Hill type campaign written all over it) here's some advice: when you have a new candidate with no public track record perhaps it is better to introduce her, her accomplishments, her qualifications in your initial pamphlet.

    All I know from this pamphlet is that Wyant doesn't deserve my vote (already knew that). If this is the best that Dyky can offer then she has a lot to learn and is clearly not ready for the job of representing our ward in legislature.

  8. Had you read my post rather than jumping to an unfounded conclusion, you may have noticed that I chastized Dyky as well.

    Fact of the matter is I'm supporting Manny Sonnenschein.

    Nice baseless accusation that I'm an NDP hack, though.

  9. My understanding is that Hill does not even know Dyky. If you dig deep enough you will find that his allegiance is with the Liberal candidate Steiner. Easier to post sensational crap rather than facts I guess.

  10. Darren Hill is a Liberal, running for election federally. Jan Dyky is a NDPer.

    Maybe you should refrain from writing slander yourself Anon 12:56PM.

  11. Hahahaha I love the hypocrisy that people can't escape. The Dyky defenders are in here saying Dyky does not have any connection to Hill, Dyky doesn't know Hill.

    Fact: Dyky worked with Hill at Junior Achievers. Do they know each other outside of that? Who knows.

    But here's the great part, for all the Dyky defenders on here.....why do you not apply your same principles to the LeClerc and Wyant connection? Wyant did work for LeClerc, does that mean they were friends outside of that? Shared similar interests? That Wyant must be cut from the same cloth as LeClerc?

    Just funny that Camp Dyky are quick to deny one stretch of a connection, yet on the other hand are more than willing to allege one between others. Hypocrites at their finest.

  12. Anon 3:34, if you think that that constitutes slander you better warn your little friend Dyky that her mail out is also a form of slander.

    Especially where it distinctly lies saying Wyant is considering keeping his Councillor salary even if elected, which is an outright lie.

  13. Hey Anon 12:56,

    Have you noticed that not one of the responses has taken time to address your question Re: "Dyky's apparent hypocrisy on the issue of dragging Serge LeClerc back into this by-election?"

    Oh so typical from those with no minds to think for themselves. Viva la Orange Machine

  14. Civic MisInformationOctober 5, 2010 at 10:32 PM

    Fact: Potential City Council candidate Ainsley Robertson - NOT Jan Dyky - knows Darren Hill.

  15. Civic MisInformationOctober 5, 2010 at 10:33 PM

    Fact: Hill is a supporter of Wyant for Saskatoon Northwest on Facebook.

  16. While the NDP may have taken Wyant's comments too far in their leaflet, he had never said definitively that he would resign from council if elected as an MLA.

    When asked de could have said flat out he would resign and not collect both salaries, instead he chose to give voters the explanation of the laws which allows him to do both?

    "Gord Wyant isn't absolutely ruling out wearing two political hats..."

  17. I think Dyky works in the health sector - not at Junior Achievement. Come on people - if you are going to rant and rave at least get your facts straight.

  18. Wall said he would never go negative and yet he started negative ads right after the NDP leadership race. Wyant and crew can't claim to be clean when his own leader has gone negative from day number one.

  19. So when is Civic Mistress going to make a post about Wyant flip flopping on if he is going to resign as a city councillor or stay on? It would almost be like Rawlco radio admitting they only donate thousands of dollars to the Saskatchewan party making their reporting a tad bit bias to say the least.

  20. Or almost like Murray Mandryk admitting he bleeds communist orange and that all his articles are quite a bit bias to say the least.

  21. To set the record straight, I don't really care who wins this by-election. I'm not sure who I would vote for if I lived in the constituency.

    I had hoped this by-election would give us a flavour of what to expect next fall in terms of issues. I think it has done that in the sense the campaign will be based on slurs rather than what the candidates, or their parties, hope to accomplish if elected.

    As for Wyant's flip-flop on holding two elected positions, I thought both he and Hill stated that they could, if they wanted to, hold both positions, but Wyant followed up with a statement that he would resign from council if successful in this by-election.

  22. "To set the record straight, I don't really care who wins this by-election."


  23. Why would the Mistress care who wins the by-election?

    Are what now, are you going to allege that the Mistress has ties to a candidate?

  24. I do have ties to candidate Wyant. I know him as a lawyer, former school trustee and as a councillor. It doesn't necessarily work in his favour.

    The only other candidate I know is Sonnenschein. Good luck with that.

    The outcome of this by-election isn't going to change anything. Sask Party still has a majority. We're just playing musical chairs right now. I will care more come Novembr of 2011.

  25. "Why would the Mistress care who wins the by-election?"

    Civic Mistress is a neutral arbiter of facts and has never displayed any bias.

    In fact, her great tradition of neutrality will likely result in her soon forfeiting her right to vote.

  26. I certainly wait for Civic Mistress to do a post on how Wall has gone negative during this byelection despite his promise not to go negative. We all know he once believed in hope beats fear unless of course your poll numbers are in the toilet.

    Too bad Rawlco radio never mentioned their latest poll job which had the Saskatchewan party drop close to 20%. I guess when Rawlco radio and its owners donate thousands and thousands of dollars to one political party it can't publish negative news about it.

  27. Anon 10:54 would you be satisfied if the Mistress posted on the negative politicing of both major parties in the province?

    Or are you implying that the only negative politics come from the Sask Party

  28. "Or are you implying that the only negative politics come from the Sask Party"

    Clearly Anon 10:54 isn't. He/she is pointing out the imbalance and selectivity in Mistress's attacks.

  29. I believe the Mistress has already chastised both NDP and Sask Party (and even the unions) for their negative political ads?

    Those who follow the blog regularly would remember that.

  30. Dialogue truly made in Saskatchewan. Hilarious! Thank you mistress, your blog is very entertaining for backbenchers. Almost as good as "corner gas". Keep up the good work!

  31. I'm just wondering why the mistress is not going after Wall for being against negative ads but now that his poll numbers are dropping he is for it? Does her issue with negative ads not cross partisan lines?

  32. Anon 1:19 - It is a bit of a gong show. I love reading each and every post simply because I like people with opinions.


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