Monday, October 4, 2010

You gotta be kidding me

Councillor Dubois certainly has a knack for weighing in on weighty issues at council. I speak of the new dress code for city owned golf courses (SP Oct. 4/10.) I'm not sure why women get to wear sleeveless shirts and men don't and there is no mention of short length, but I'm sure new employees will be needed to enforce the fashion requirements. Someone will have to measure heel height on footwear. I am assuming Dubois brought this matter forward as she states in the article of the many complaints she has received on the matter and seems to be the only councillor commenting on it.

While council has on its plate matters such as taxation and debt, bridges, recycling, infrastructure woes, and the list goes on, it concerns me that time is being spent on who is wearing what, when and where. While I believe that councilors have a duty to deal constituent concerns, shouldn't this be a matter referred to golf course managers to deal with?

The dogs peeing on lawns debate was spoofed in MacLeans magazine and perhaps this one will as well.

While Rome burns . . .


  1. She is an embarassment to council - always has been, always will be.

  2. Councillor Dubois can't be serious on this is she? The manager of the golf course didn't even sound like he overly cared and noted he receives few complaints on the issue. I find it hard to believe that many people are phoning their city councilor instead of talking with the course.

    This probably came down to one person calling Dubois to complain, and considering she is the most useless member of Council she thought she could get a little press by advancing the complaint.

    Honestly, if this is a consuming issue for Dubois, especially with everything else being debated in the city, then it is pretty clear her ward needs to vote her ass off Council.

    Cue the blonde jokes...

  3. Are we really surprised? This is the same woman who wanted the civic administration to regulate dog pee a few months ago. Come on Ward 10 - the rock in my front garden is smarter than your council rep.

  4. Anon 2:53
    I live in ward 10.
    I agree.
    Try and get her to talk about traffic concerns, or civic facilities in the ward, or pretty much anything that folks really care about and you draw a blank.
    Not sure who she heard from because she neveer returns phone calls or emails.

  5. Why don't you pick on the councilors that never do anything, say anything or help their constituents out with their "petty little issues". Just because they fly under the radar doesn't mean they should escape your mockery. Come on Civic Mistress show a little fairness to the rest of council, not just the ones that are willing to stand up for us "little people".

  6. You want to know who Councilor Dubois speaks for? The entire women's league at Holiday Park and another group from Wildwood. This group has gone to the management at the golf course, including the GM. You know what they were told? "We can't do anything about a dress code until city administration deals with it so call your Councilor". That's what was done. From the looks of the article in the paper, this issue was brought up 2 years ago and nothing was done.

    The way you describe the situation is extreme! No one asked for a dress code policy similar to that of the elite private golf clubs where they can and do refuse to allow you to golf if your shorts are too short. No one asked for men to wear sleeved shirts while women can wear sleeveless. All that was asked for was a policy that would require shirts to be kept on, if for nothing else but a little respect to others out on the golf course. And proper footwear so the greens stay in nice shape. The rest of the dress code policy comes from a 2008 survey of what people would like to see.

    Thank goodness we have Councilors who will deal with these issues. True, City Council has far bigger issues that they're also dealing with (traffic, etc) but there's also plenty of little issues.

  7. This is nanny-state politics defined; I promise this issue *will* be raised in the next election.

  8. To Anonymous above, if it's an issue, move your league to another course or ask your golf course to take action. It's your choice where you golf, not the governments. If you picked up and left, the golf course would take it's own course of action, just as it should be.

    (I agree with you, by the way, but it's the golf course that needs to take action, not the Civic Government)

  9. Mark, while I agree with you, I think the the civic government shouldn't be in the business of owning golf courses. Since it is in that business it is entirely appropriate for it to be setting policy for them.

  10. I agree with you 100% Anonymous. The government has no business owning a golf course, much like it has no business owning a hydro-plant. Government is terrible at running *ALL* business.

  11. Again, Mark, they shouldn't be in the business of running a golf course BUT THEY ARE. So until they aren't the way to get things done still have to follow the proper and same procedure as everything else that needs to get done in the city. It is evident by an earlier posting that the group was told the route they had to take to get something changed and they followed it. Shouldn't your next election stance be that the city shouldn't be running golf courses and not just attacking a councilor that helped a group out????

  12. Who claimed this was a major issue? Dubois heard complains about a lack of basic dress code like wear a shirt so she did something about it. Is that not her job as a representative?

  13. I agree with Anon 3:05. This is not a major issue and it is her job as a representative but the media and bloggers love to blow things way out of proportions - like Mark at 9:00am who states "I promise this issue *will* be raised in the next election." Really? An issue in the 2012 election????

  14. Dubois’s job is to determine what is in the best interest of the collective. This is the worst use of the administrations time. Simply empower the courses to deal with the issue(s).

    Dubois should spend more time figuring out to reply to her constituent’s emails and less time on how to grandstand in council chambers trying to let people know that she is as important as she thinks she is.


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