Monday, February 7, 2011

Coming down the home stretch

I reviewed the remaining candidate profiles in Saturday's SP (Feb. 5/11.) I am beginning to think that the age factor comes into play. The younger candidates when responding to concerns on taxation leave me with the impression that costs don't matter when it comes to their visions of where the city should head.

There seems to be little understanding that people on fixed or low income cannot continue to receive taxation expenses that exceed the revenue increases. As much as I appreciate the twenty or thirty-someones wanting to step up to the plate and take over the reins, I am starting to think they haven't had enough life experience or financial management to effectively do the job.

On the other hand we already have a mix on council and those experienced and senior councillors seem to have lost the concept of affordability as well.

I can't guess who is going to win this race. I only hope it will be someone who will bring some common sense and balance to the budget table.


  1. I think Bellamy will most likely take the seat. He has the street cred and with so many choices people will pick the name the recognize and not concern themselves with the fall-out. Besides its only for one year.

  2. Mistress;
    I think your observation is dead on and ditto for The Grizz.

  3. It is for one year and eight months. Someone that can not spell correctly on their brochure and that thinks "greening the city" means showing people where the parks are can do a lot of damage in that much time.

  4. Anon 11:19

    Don't want to feel like I'm telling you something you may already know but if we look at how civic politics works. It will take any of the new comers a minimum 6 months just to get up to speed with all that is being a councilor, let alone figure out a position that will give them some form of influence on their fellow councilors. Given this years budget is already set, I doubt even the most inept new councilor could do any more damage to us than is already being created with those already there.

    I would love to see a council that at 10 people is split on voting years. Terms of 4 years but half are elected on different 2 yr increments. Somewhat like the US does for senators. This would give our council a more rounded and possibly knowledgeable governance.

    And if the Mistress is right about tax increases it would only give them 1 year increments to raise our taxes without someone being on the chopping block should they increase our taxes for no good reason.

  5. Anon 11:19;
    If you think the electing public cares or understands that there may or may not be spelling errors on a brochure or that a candidate thinks "greening" means visiting parks you are delusional. This and every by-election or election will be determined by name recognition and the ability of the NDP machine to get out their vote that's it that's all. So it will be Pat's lacky or Robin Bellamy.

  6. The results will be Bellamy, Loewen, Bezowy in that order.

    There is no "NDP machine" or "Sask Party machine" backing any candidate in this election. There are NDP and Sask Party individuals backing candidates - which is a far cry from any direct involvement of either provincial party....To borrow the phrase: "you are delusional" if you think otherwise.

    It is about name recognition and Bellamy has the lead in that respect. I just hope he is more decisive than Pringle, regardless of which side of the fence he sits.

  7. As long as Atch is mayor the taxes will continue to go up. His ego isn't quite yet satisfied. I do like that he acomplishes things, but he has taken too much on his plate.....probably not the first time....

  8. While I acknowledge that he will win - Bellamy is a total embarassment. His brochure is full of spelling mistakes - including one of the neighbourhoods he represents "Stone Bridge".

  9. School Board Budget in 1994 (when Bellamy elected):
    $90.3 million.
    Enrollment: 22309

    School Board Budget in 2010:
    Enrollment: 20817

    Inflation 1994 - 2010: 48%
    School Board spending increase 1994-2010: 130%

  10. Inflation 1994 - 2010: 48%
    School Board spending increase 1994-2010: 130%


    'cause the inflation a school board (or a municipality for that matter) is going to be exactly the same as the CONSUMER Price Index.


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