Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm a PUTZ

In writing this blog I was starting to wonder whether I was a CAVE person, that being Gormley's acronym for Citizens Against Virtually Everything. But on second though I believe I am a PUTZ, that being a Person Undermining Taxation Zealots.

When I read Mandryk's column today (SP Feb. 1/11) with his report on the blue-skying idea of making the Regina domed stadium a bigger than proposed project, incorporating low-income housing, condo and retail development, in order to access more federal tax dollars and/or public support, my first thought was to pack up and leave this province while the getting was good. Is the blue sky the calm before the storm?

At the same time the reports arising from the SUMA convention leave the impression that infrastructure needs are horrendous across the province. Roads in decay, water treatment facilities, health services, universities and schools, senior care homes and social housing are paramount to civic leaders also looking for federal and provincial funding.

In part our infrastructure decay is due to neglect by previous NDP governments. Previous NDP governments point to excess spending by their predecessors, the Conservatives, and the cost of paying off those debts and thus being unable to invest in the needs of the day.

We seem to be caught in a cycle of feast or famine.

I'm not against private sector development. I'm not against government investment in public projects. I simply ask that governments get their priorities straight. Take care of our needs before you take care of the wants.

Whether tax dollars come out of our left pocket, right pocket or back pocket, they are still tax dollars we must pay. Debt is debt. And the debt belongs to all of us and is ours until it is paid.


  1. Wish the Provincial Government had tied some conditions to the allotment of my dollars to cities and municipalities. They should have forced responsibility by ensuruing those dollars are spent on 'needs' rather than 'wants'. Sadly, many of our so called leaders will allocate our tax dollars to wants and increase the mill rate to take care of our needs....

  2. Mandryk is a raving lunatic. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he's on the bakroll of the NDP and just using his position to stir the pot.

    The next smart thing Mandryk says will be the first. Village idiot.

  3. I agree Mistress that all governments should focus on the "wants", however what you WANT may not be what I NEED.

    I have lived in this Province most of my life and have continually heard the cries of the social do-gooders that not enough is being done to support the poor and downtrodden of our society.

    Our roads, education, healthcare, social housing, food banks, Blah Blah Blah. Money pits each and every one of them

    I've had enough. We need to provide a reason for our youth to stay in this province and on days when it is -35 to-45 it is not an easy sell. If we always focus only on the lowest common denominator we will miss opportunities that exist to move forward.

    If Mandryk's idea gets the dome stadium off the drawing boards and into reality I'll put up with some components of social investment.

    If we lived in the society that new every tax dollar would only be spent on "needs" I could live with that but it is not reality whether SP or NDP billions are spent on things we don't need. Why do you think our taxes are as high as they are today.

    I don't NEED a Dome Stadium I WANT!!! a Dome stadium and I am willing to pay my share just as I do for all the other unnecessary spending our politicians do.


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