Thursday, February 3, 2011

Laugh or you'll cry

I didn't attend last night's forum showcasing the candidates on the Ward 7 by-election but most certainly enjoyed reading the report in today's SP (Feb. 3/11.) I find a little humour at these solemn events goes a long way.

Bellamy's response to the question as to his brightest idea to make Saskatoon a "green" city was notable. He responded with "he'd focus on letting people know about the city's parks and green spaces."

On transit, Oranchuk received a round of applause for his idea of giving away bus passes to all seniors and mandating that "Every civic employee would ride the bus, including the people who manage the transit system." The free bus passes may get him the senior vote but how he expects, in a democratic country, to force civic employees to take a bus either speaks to his view on voter intellect or his own stupidity.

Oranchuk also promised to axe the new police station and cancel the recent decision by the police to acquire the armoured vehicle. Clearly this candidate does not understand that the 'power of one' equals zip and he has no control over the decisions made by the Chief of Police. He can simply speak against the police budget but cannot direct police services.

Pollock is going to put citizens on a "road diet." He is going to change our car-centric mentality. He is joined by Loewen who, if elected, will implement a safer cycling network throughout the city and make it more attractive to walk and bicycle around the sprawling city - in December, January and February.

On a more serious note, Egyptians are rebelling against the current government and want the right to legitimately and democratically elect their leader. Some rioters have died for the cause.

I will watch with anticipation how many Ward 7 residents go out to legitimately and democratically exercise their franchise to elect their leader.

What is not humorous about our elections is how lightly we take our democratic right and how little responsibility we accept to honour the right.


  1. I think the biggest victor in the whole 'debate' (I use that term loosely) is the hamburger joint worker who didn't show up.

    Amazing what some people will say if you give them a microphone and an audience.

  2. I found all the candidates to be quite compotent. The SP article didn't really give a good indication of the discussions had by each candidate - nor could it, there was far more discussed then could be put to print.

    Here is a more in-depth recap of the night:

  3. Sean S....did you mean competent???

  4. An interesting blend of competent and impotent perhaps?

  5. Or compost and impotent


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