Thursday, February 17, 2011


Musing # 1 - If the city is interested in creating an efficient and user friendly transit system, perhaps it should be contracting with the U of S Computer Sciences department. The joy of having a major university in the city is that it attracts some talented students. Today's SP (Feb. 17/11) article on the app created by one student to track a single bus route, and what other centres are doing as well, shed light on what might be the answer to our beleaguered transit department.

Musing # - Politics is fight to the death game regardless of the political arena hosting the battle. Lonechild knew what would happen to him if he disclosed his charges and the media got a hold of it. Thus he opted for the cover up and taking the risk it would not come to light. It did and the lions are circling. Bill Clinton he is not. Win a few, lose a few.

Which brings me to International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda. Even if her actions don't do her in, the exceptional bad Roy Orbison look-a-like photo of her (SP A11) with a cigarette dangling from her mouth will finish her off. Those cigarettes will kill you one way of another. Bye bye Bev.


  1. We can't allow the help of the talented university students, that would go against the City Hall creed of keeping it all in house and union done.

    Why strive to be better when you have your City Hall union to back you up?

  2. we need GPS units in our buses (coming this spring I hear) and then we can do something like this -


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