Friday, April 15, 2011

Bye-bye paying tenant, hello taxpayer

Thanks to PCS for the donation of $27 million for the STARS program (SP Apr, 15/11). Given how isolated some of our communities are I think STARS is necessary and lives will be saved because of it.

However, I hope PCS saved a few donor dollars for the revitalization of Kinsmen Park. Based on what I read in yesterday's paper (Apr. 14/11) $5 million isn't going to cut.

Earlier council stated that after the move to the new gallery the Mendel site would be renovated for a paying tenant. The architect hired starts this project with the view that "Definitely it (the Mendel) needs to have a public element to it. It is part of the public realm. There has to be a good connection between the Mendel and the park."

Has this architect been told by council that he only has $5million to play with on this project? Or that council has already made a decision on the future use for the Mendel site? Or did council make a different decision regarding the Mendel and we just haven't been told of it yet?

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  1. Either everyone is depressed because of the weather Mistress or they all know this is a losing battle for GQ public and resided themselves that this is going to cost us big bucks as tax payers and there are easier fish to fry. Happy weekend.


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