Monday, April 4, 2011

Why 'none of the above'?

I have always taken the position that people who didn't make the effort to go out and vote didn't have the right to express concern on the actions of any government or elected official.

Increasingly voter apathy is a concern for governments. I thought people didn't vote simply because they were to lazy to go to the polls. I am reconsidering this thought.

As to be expected, during a writ period everyone has an opinion. In this federal election I find myself, and in conversation with others that I am not alone, of being in a position of not having any candidate that I want to support with my vote. Some say hold your nose and vote for the party rather than the individual candidate. But I don't much like any of the party leaders either. And voting for the best of the worst is a poor way to pick your representatives.

I think we should have a opportunity to vote for "none of the above." Then if the majority of the voters mark that option, the parties should find new candidates and give it another go.

I know this is an outlandish thought, but it is bred from frustration and angst.


  1. spoiling your ballot is a good way of doing just that. I gets counted and you don't have to vote while holding your nose.

  2. I too am voting 'none of the above'. I will write it in given they dont provide the option!

  3. Yup, me too..... "none of the above"...I'd rather not waste my precious time. We need independents to run and work for their constituency, not touting a party banner! Our electoral process needs an overhaul!!!

  4. Isn't it funny how as soon as people's party of choice loses power all of a sudden there is a need for electoral overhaul.

    The issue isn't that none of the leaders are poor, it is they are all just acting like little kids. When this is all said and done, and another minority emerges, I fully expect the leader with the most seats to form government and to work with the other parties, I expect the other parties to be fair and open minded and realize that they aren't the majority and compromise will be needed.

  5. Sorry to disappoint you. "None of the above" means that I DONT have a party. I still think we need an overhaul to be represented - bang for our bucks$$.


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