Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The gods and the voters must be crazy

Well, what started out to be the most boring of elections has now become quite interesting. I would bet that when Ignatieff began dreaming of a coalition government he dreamt as himself as leader of that government. Will he still want a coalition government if Jack is the P.M.?

If the recent polling numbers hold, what will our federal government look like? I doubt very much that the Bloc will want to join forces with the NDP - they have become the new rival. To do so would only abet the NDP in the next election. If the Liberals join forces with the NDP they will effectively kill themselves off as the Liberals are already viewed as being synonymous with the NDP.

Who can Harper join with to hold on to his job? Not the NDP or Liberals. That only leaves the Bloc. Will the Bloc see Harper as less threatening than Layton and thus prop him up until they recover from their anticipated losses? How would that coalition play in Western Canada?

The job of P.M. takes young healthy men and turns them gray prematurely. Clearly Jack could not last long in that job given his personal health. So who becomes the next leader of the NDP? Who becomes the next leader of the Liberals? Does Bob Rae now regret his defection to the Liberals? Or is he the perfect choice having had one foot in each camp? Will vote rich Ontario remember the one term it was governed by Bob Rae's NDP government and rally at the last minute in support of the Tories or Liberals? So many questions, so few answers.

The ultimate irony, if the polls hold, will be the new "have" province of Saskatchewan, the birthplace of the NDP, being governed by a small c conservative government dealing with a NDP led federal government. Who woulda thunk?

We are the wonderful, unpredictable, crazy Canucks eh!!


  1. The Conservative Mulroney caused the trouble in Rae's Ontario so if the voters were fair they'd consider the Conservatives to be radioactive. Ah, media control, how nice it is to have it.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha Are you serious Anon 11:32?

    Were you even alive and coherent during this era? I lived in Ontario and that is the furthest thing from the truth.

  3. In 50 years, all I have seen is the Samo~ Samo from all the politicians and parties. Time for change in process or we will be marching citizens like other countries in the world for integrity, honesty and democratic justice......thanks for the vent....


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