Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A sham or a shame?

Why have legislation if you're not going to enforce it? I was appalled when I read (SP Apr 19/11) that no person has ever been prosecuted for violations under HIPA. With increasing frequency doctors, or their agents, have ignored this law without so much as a slap on the wrist. Should we conclude that HIPA laws are simply a sham to lull the public into complacency?

I applaud Privacy Commissioner Dickson for finally taking action on this issue. I suspect a couple of stiff fines levied against a doctor, or his/her estate, will go a long way in preventing the flagrant disregard of this law in future. If its the disposal company who dumped the files rather than shredding them, go after the corporation.

This does however remind me of the report last year of the hospital employee who violated her employment confidentiality agreement when she accessed her one-night-stand's medical records and discussed it with others. In that case, after the hospital fired her, the arbitrator not only gave her back her job, but several years of back pay. Shake your head on that one.

What hope do we, the patients, have when dealing with our confidential matters and the medical community? Shamefully I submit the answer is none.

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  1. This what happens when you elect a neo-conservative government like the Sask Party. This is only the beginning if the demise of our health care system.


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