Monday, December 12, 2011

The cart before the horse solution?

Ward 6 Councillor Charlie Clark has asked to have speed limits in residential areas reduced to 40 km/h (SP Dec. 12/11.) citing safety reasons. I live in old Nutana and I can assure one and all that travelling even that speed is dangerous - due to roadway conditions. Be it summer or winter the residential streets are in such decay that both your personal and car body suffer injury should you drive any faster.

For a while I thought letting the roads deteriorate was to encourage Nutana to become a pedestrian zone. But the sidewalks (and medians) are also in rough condition so walking is perilous as well.

We should also note that traffic laws over ride posted speed limits. The infraction is called "driving too fast for road conditions."

How about we fix the roads and sidewalks, maybe restrict parking to one side of the street for the narrows corridors and then talk speed limits.


  1. Oh no, the Mistress mentioned Charlie again. Let's wait for the onslaught of dippers to rush to insult her and proclaim that any critique she has on Clark is unwarranted because he beat her. Let's continue to listen to them gloss over every inane idea Clark comes up with because, after all, he defeated the Mistress so he must be a god.

    I agree Mistress, Clark and Council has no need to worry about the speed limit since they've let the roads deteriorate to a state where driving even 35km/h on residential streets will be enough to damage your car. Well at least the have finally put some money into the roads, errr wait....never mind. They continued their trend of underfunding roadwork so the problem will only get worse.

    I wonder who will come up with the most unwarranted insult to the Mistress for here warranted criticism of Clark.

  2. I'm really not sure who the sore loser is here.

  3. Clark is getting crushed on the SP comments forum.

    What a fool, his test was to speed up to 50 on icy roads with packed cars on a residential street to see how fast it, that sounds like a safe thing to do in an area with lots of kids.

    Another example of Council concerning itself more with re-election than running the city. Clark is doing this because many 'seniors' feel like the traffic travels too fast.

  4. Does anyone really pay attention to the SP comments ?? There are few positive comments to be found there. You may want to source another source.
    When did seniors lose their right to an opinion. Ha ha your time as a senior might come if your lucky.
    I'll bet you post on the SP and its not positive.


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