Thursday, December 15, 2011

Smart move

Kudos to those Councillors who acknowledged their remuneration as being "adequate" and "abundantly reasonable" - although the for "right now" flag was raised (SP Dec. 15/11.).

While is is true Councillors put in more time over the budget season, it should also be noted that civic committee meetings are suspended over the summer and during July and August council only meets once a month for public and executive committee meetings. There is also a healthy break over Christmas.

And based on the debate and outcome of the budget meetings I would have to wonder about how much preparation some Councillors did for the budget review.

I'm not sure why Councillor Hill wants the "part-time" removed from the position. The 1,400 hours referred to in the news report are hours self-reported rather than system tracked. And not all councillors put in the same time. I don't know how much Hill makes as CEO of Junior Achievement, but if the work load is that heavy perhaps he should make a choice as to which job he wants and try to do it well.

The shared office space relates only to the room. Each Councillor has their own desk, filing cabinet and private cubicle within the room. In this day and age of electronic communication, and each Councillor is given a laptop, printer and Blackberry, I'm not sure why they would need more support staff. Perhaps there are more unhappy people writing than usual.

This matter will be put to rest - at least until 2013.

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  1. Councillor Hill wants to be paid the same as Calgary's Councillors. Basically, he is just greedy. Nothing more, nothing less. Mayor Atch wants Saskatoons property taxes to be 1% less than Calgary's. We are not Calgary. We don't have the population, amenities, or services that Calgary has, but our taxes are to go up until we are 1% lower than Calgary's. That is to be our new claim to fame.


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