Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I seems that not so long ago former Premier Calvert was trying to lure people to Saskatchewan with the bait of cheap housing. Now, housing in Saskatoon is one of the most expensive places in Western Canada.

In Saturday's SP (Dec. 3/11) the SP reported that the Saskatoon would need ten thousand new housing units within the next three years. Today's SP (Dec. 5/11) reports that we need to get on housing for the homeless.

Where are all these folks coming from and how will they afford the new housing? I expect that expansion of the mining industry is going to offer new jobs for a decade or more. But with the city using new assessment growth to finance current capital projects, who is going to finance the services these areas with need. And according to urban planning professor Bob Patrick some of these cost will be astronomical.

This is sounding a little scary for folks on fixed incomes and the working poor.

Interestingly over the last week I heard of three young families that have moved further away from the Saskatoon area and they are commuting to Saskatoon to work. Two went to Waldheim and one to Hanley. They claim the drive in is no worse than trying to get across the city during peak times and the housing and taxes are cheaper. And they get to use all the amenities of the city without having to pay the freight.

It's an option worth exploring for those who find Saskatoon a little too rich for their blood.

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