Wednesday, December 7, 2011

East is east and west is west . . .

and never the twain shall meet.

Twice during the budget debates councillors have raised east side/west side comments. Councillor Paulsen raised it on the paddling pool issue saying the east side loses in the proposal (SP Dec. 6/11.) Today's SP (Dec. 7/11) reports Councillor Penner, in responding the Councillor Lorje comments on the police budget debate, that her west-side ward benefits from more officers but she is denying the same for the east.

When River Landing was being developed one of the rationales used was to link and unify the east-side/west-side and do away with that divisive mentality. Apparently this exercise failed.


  1. I would favor the inclusion of money to change all our bridges into "draw-bridge" style thus allowing us to separate the two sides at night keeping those terrible westsiders out of my back yard. LOL

  2. It isn't any different than Corman Park but less actual fist fights


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