Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amsterdam, Bangkok, Saskatoon

The first thing that upsets me on the adult services decision is allowing for home-based business.  The second is the limited buffer zone.  Potentially, we could have a whorehouse on every corner of the city.  And third, that Councillor Tiffany Paulsen would justify it by saying that children and people in living in poverty deserve this protection.   I wish she had lamented that women and children living in poverty have to resort to prostitution in order to survive.

Why is there concern for clustering these businesses?  Make a red light district - it could become a tourist zone much like in Amsterdam or Bangkok.  And why not push them out to outlying areas?  You would think that concentrating these services in one area would make them easier to control rather than spreading them around the city. 

City planning and development manager Alan Wallace says if we push them to outlying areas, these agencies will subvert the bylaw and not comply.  What does the city do with other businesses that do not comply with bylaws? 

Prostitution is an age-old business.  It's not going away so the idea of controlling it is not necessary a bad one.  It's the "how" its being controlled that bothers me. 

If the next step is a bylaw prohititing the use of red lights in the city, I hope they exempt the Christmas season from it.  

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