Friday, June 15, 2012

The silly season

The silly season has officially begun.  Grandiose promises are being made for new bridges, the development of North Downtown, a new library, a roadway repair plan and the list goes on.  A big ticket item for every area of the city and the spread of happiness to each and every one.

The only thing not offered is how we are going to pay for it all. 

But why mess with success.  It works every time during an election campaign.

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  1. I am wondering why the streets were in such good condition and everthing was going to be fixed and biult for free before and during the election, but now we all have to dip into our pockets to make the repairs now ... wow how does that work .. maybe we can steel some money from a bike path ( that is not needed ) or some money from the down town bullshit that the Mayor is so proud of .. or maybe Remie wants to sell them painting on the open market and give the money to the City to fix stuff instead of us building them a new Gallery

    Just wondering


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