Friday, June 8, 2012

No soup for you!

Each year the City hosts a dinner for its volunteers.  These are the people who apply and lobby to sit on civic committees.

This spring, Councillor Randy Donauer said the grace before dinner.  One of the volunteers lodged a complaint as a result of that action and demanded an apology from both the Councillor and Mayor.  At the time he suggested that a moment of quiet reflection would be more appropriate.  He intends to take this matter to the Human Rights Commission.

In today's SP (June 8/12) there is a report that the Canadian Civic Liberties Association supports him.  However, the man has now changed his mind and doesn't even want to allow for a silent reflection.  My question is, how does one individual get to control the format for the masses? 

I've been at events where different faiths offer prayer or its equivalent.  I stand out of respect to those groups, but don't participate in the prayer.  When First Nations do their thanks, I view it as a cultural rather than religious action.

Sadly, we have gotten to a point were we lack intolerance and respect of those around us - and that includes the minority as well as the majority.

The easy fix here, cancel the volunteer dinner. 

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