Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A few snags

With the big city comes big city problems.

Noise is always a factor in high density areas.  Its not just motorcycles and loud stereos that come with the advent of warm weather.  There is nose emanating from the many events and festivals held over the summer, especially in the core areas. 

What about the outdoor music activities, the Jazz Festival, the Fringe etc.  When I worked downtown, during the Jazz Festival on every corner on 21st Street musicians were playing.  It was great for those coming for a short period of time to enjoy the music.  But it was hard to concentrate on work with the boom, boom going for eight hours of the day.  Will the noise snare trap these types of offenders as well?

When the Fringe Festival operated its beer tent until 2:00 a.m. nightly, everyone within reasonable proximity complained about the noise and their loss of sleep.   Will we snag the Fringe revellers and make them pay?

What about the boats using the river?  Or the downtown nightclubs?  And we are considering outdoor concert venues at River Landing.

Chalk it all up to summer in the city.

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