Sunday, January 3, 2010

Confessions of a Mistress

Happy New Year! I hope each and every one has enjoyed the fellowship of family and friends over this holiday season.

It is said that confession is good for the soul and for the good of my soul I confess I am not in Saskatoon but enjoying the balmy weather in Palm Desert. I have enjoyed visiting long term friends, swung a golf club more often than I should have over 18 holes, collected a little vitamin D, swilled some decent California wine and endured an epiphany.

Like many of you I have considered myself a little right of centre conservative. Here, in the good old USA, I am experiencing being a socialist. In listening to the radio stations here you would think that President Obama is the devil incarnate. This all stems from his health care plan. I would have thought that middle class America would have heralded him as the second coming rather than an audacious spendthrift. I find myself in dialogue with descendants of Attila the Hun over the merits (and pitfalls) of the issue. I'm leaving here tomorrow before they run me out of town or, worse yet, my political acuity is questioned.

I'm following the news in 'Toon town via the SP online. Would appreciate your comments on news in our city

Best of 2010.


  1. Back at you on the Happy New Year.

    Unlike yourself Mistress some of us have been working hard over the holidays and doing a bit of volunteer work at the World Junior Hockey Tournament. I've been in the building most of the time and it sure is nice to see the place full. The tournament has been running well and all those involved should be proud of themselves and Saskatoon.

    On a "civic" note I was talking with some of the big wigs about facility problems the patrons are complaining about and you might be interested in... First and foremost the cold rushing into the seats whenever a door is opened and that leads to the second complaint the smoking areas. Even though they moved them away from the doors the smoke still resonates throughout. There is a rumor management would love to see smoking banned all together from the site. I'll be watching to see if the Board has the gonads to do that. It also sounds like they are planning more renovations to ease congestion inside the building, now if we could get them to ease the road congestion outside all would truly be well.

    Canada vs USA for Gold, the organizers and fans couldn't be happier.

    Ooops I forgot best improvement is the 50/50 draw now being computerized New Years Eve the total pot hit 180 some thousand so take home was 90 plus thousand. It was only stopped because someone didn't think they would sell out the system. Good for us gambling people they quickly rectified that by adding another digit to the numbers for the remained of the tourney.

  2. How things change in our views on vises! Fifty years ago women could smoke anywhere but couldn't enter a drinking establishment unescorted by a male companion. Men could smoke anywhere drink in licenced establishments but nobody could gamble anywhere legally. Every mega event at Radison Sqare Gardens(CUC) has an add on "Party" site where over indulgence is openly encouraged and transportation to and from CUC is at best bad and therefore patrons drink and drive. Overall I wonder what we will look back on in another fifty years and judge? What is truly the worst evil, smoking, drinking alcohol or gambling


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