Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Heidt of decency

I read in the SP that Myles Heidt is suing Public School Trustee Dan Danielson. Kudos to Myles Heidt for taking on Danielson. Expressing one's opinion on an issue is laudable, slander is despicable. I did see the notice that was sent out during the election and Heidt was definitely identified by his position of office and the information was inaccurate. Danielson knew, or as an experienced trustee, should have known that the allegations had no merit. He has a history of this conduct and I'm pleased to see that finally someone has called him on it.

I have often heard from people interested in politics state they would not get actively involved because the issues get shunted to the side and over ridden by personal attacks and skewed information on candidate positions. The only way to end the behaviour is take the course Heidt is taking.

While discussing civic government vis-a-vis provincial/federal governments, a wise friend summed it up as "same sewer, bigger rats."


  1. While I applaud someone for finally taking some action, I get the feeling that the lawsuit is also nothing but politic-ing. What is to be gained? I think most people that care know that what was said was misleading.

    This will do nothing to change the perception, and really only seems to be about seeking vengeance against Danielson.

    That being said, if anyone deserved to have this come it is Danielson. He is a poor excuse for a public servant.

  2. Dan Danielson deserves what he has coming.

  3. Of course CivicMistress's endorsement of Heidt's lawsuit is no surprise. After all, CM was soliciting donations for it in an earlier post:

    Has your fundraising campaign resulted in any contributions?

    And if so, should they be disclosed as political contributions?

  4. I think across all party lines everybody is amazed that this has not happened to Danielson sooner. He is a walking disaster. Saldy, every party has a few of them. I respect Sean Shaw but was sad to see the campaign allow Danielson to be anywhere near it.


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