Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stuck in the middle

Mayor Atchison should read the migrant study carefully. According to the SP the weather got a C grade and I suspect Regina's weather did as well, yet Regina had a B rating overall. It is the section on society that should catch his attention. We hear from the Police Commission that crime is down yet the report suggests it is high, comparatively speaking. I understand the low income and educational issues. Until we succeed in delivering a good educational standing to First Nations these issues will plague our city. And as much as we have enjoyed job creation they are, generally speaking , not employment opportunities at the upper end of the pay scale.

What I don't quite understand is the income differential between male and female.

Oh well, Saskatoon can be our little bit of paradise. It still is a great city and being away from it makes me appreciate it more. I even miss the eccentric citizenry!


  1. What are you talking about?

  2. What part of income differential between males and females do you not understand? Let me give you a hint - women, particularly professionals, do not make as much money as their male counterparts. Is this actually news to you??

  3. It may have something to do with additional costs by the employer for having women on staff. Mat leave, hazord pay etc. LOL. ;)

  4. She is talking about the migrant study that was released the other day which rated Saskatoon pretty poor on the list of places ideal for immigrants. We received poor grades in many categories that were quite surprising. I assume the NDP hasn't fed the report through their propaganda machine yet as to why you do not understand it yet.

    As for the second unproductive comment, if you had an ability to analyze a statement beyond the literal statement you would probably conclude that she was referring to not understanding the 'reasons' behind the gap still existing in 2009. It actually is quite surprising when you think about it that there is still such a significant gap in many industries. It is news to me that such a gap still exists, being somewhat younger than most I've never experienced a work environment where women are seen as inferior to their male counterparts simply because of their sex. If someone would have asked me about the situation before knowing the current numbers I would have guessed the gap was much narrower. I've always worked in a world where men and women are seen as equals and I never gave much thought that women are still being paid significantly less.

    Don't listen to haters Mistress, their sole attempt is to smear every post you make regardless what it is. You can tell by the Anon tag they've accomplished significantly less than you in life and are more concerned with tearing apart your credibility in a weird rationalization that it lends credence to their particular political views (aka NDP supporters)

  5. Does anyone else find it ironic that the comment at 10:54 is both annonymous and comes up with random weird rationalizations for other peoples comments (and their own imagined version of people's intents/political background with their comments), then slags off the previous posters for doing the same thing they are doing?

    Ha! Bitter ideological partisanship is kind of lame whichever side it's from...

  6. haha agreed Anon 11:21. It does come off as a rather hypocritical post from Anon 10:54. However, as someone who frequents this blog regularly it is rather annoying how it seems there is a slew of persons that oppose the Mistress' 'C'onservative views and come by the blog only to bash her on a daily basis.

    For a small blog intended to create discussion this defeats the enjoyment some of us take. I disagree with several of the Mistresses views and agree with several more. What I hate is seeing people just come here to trash the message board with anti-Mistress views, if you don't like what she says quit coming here.

    But also to Anon 10:54, next time don't be so hypocritical in your defence of the CM


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