Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The root of all evil?

I think Americans like me better than Canadians - they must think I'm sweet. Everyone keeps calling me "hon." "Can I help you hon?" "Everything okay hon?"

I am astounded by the religious bent in this area of the USA. Listening to the radio talk shows it seems that everyone signs off with God bless you, God bless America, God bless the world - except for those of Middle East extraction, Democrats and President Obama. I expect it must be because of the 'melting pot' theme all immigrants embrace God and Christianity dominates.

It is interesting how Christians with their values seem not able to embrace social programs that would benefit those in need if those programs might cost them money. I think God has his work cut out for him down here.

Thanks for the comments yesterday. I miss hearing the local issues. On the smoking at CUC it won't surprise me if it is totally banned. Given the aversion by the majority to smoking it is surprising pressure is not put on the government to ban the sale of tobacco in Saskatchewan. Then again, given the loss of revenue from potash, the loss of revenue from tobacco sales would demolish the whole provincial budget. Ah, the things we can over look when money is involved.

Come to think of it if God demolished money the Americans would have social programs and in Saskatchewan we would be a non-smoking territory. And I, along with others, would be holding on to my roots while strolling down the road to hell!


  1. Mistress - check your text messages...can you make it to Vegas on the weekend?

  2. I don't know about the mistress but if your buying anon 11:05 I can make it.


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