Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roll over Ghandi

Hi everyone. Had a little computer glitch yesterday and couldn't get to the blog.

I've been catching up on news in Saskatoon through the SP and see Sandra Finley is keeping the courts busy on her constitutional challenge to the Census. I'm going to watch this carefully. If you are not required to give government personal information I hope it will apply to Tax returns - no SIN, date of birth, or perhaps no T4 income thus no tax. If she pulls this off she may move up a notch in my esteem chart.

However, I suspect this is more about her anti-American/war position based on her quoted comments regarding the American company that won the bid for the software. If that is the case I wish she had followed her own advice and followed Mandela's peaceful way. I, and I suspect the majority of the public, detest war; but I suspect protesting war in Ghandi/Mandela fashion would not register with today's terrorists.

If she loses this challenge will she be required to pay court costs?

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  1. I agree that this is a rather frivolous action that is costing taxpayers money and public servants their time. She has coloured her true intentions by hiding behind a constitutional challenge. This is not about her freedom of expression or her rights, but rather her protest to the American Government.

    However, I don't agree with arguing that today's terrorists would not recognize such a protest. I think a similar argument could have been made to Gandhi (not Ghandi) during his time. Going back, do you think the actions of Gandhi at the start really made the British stop gunning down the citizens and say 'hey this guy is right'. I think she is entitled to voice her opinion whether or not the terrorists are listening or it registers. I think the lesson to apply from Gandhi is that you need to stand for what you believe in, regardless of whether your opponent is willing to listen or react.

    With all that being said, I can't fathom how she would expect the public to pick up the tab for her frivolous challenge. She has numerous other forums to make her views felt (organize a march/protest, write letters, etc...). She chose to take a path that is going to cost a lot of money for the public and for that she should have to pay. I hope they stick her with all the court costs possible (including what it is costing to fly people in for the trial, their expenses while here, court time, lawyers fees).

    It is a ridiculous trial done so she can get some press on her conspiracy theory views. She'll lose and hopefully she'll pay (both the max fines and costs)


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