Friday, April 9, 2010

Break the mould

I am stymied by the public obsession with Tiger Woods, his family problems and the need for atonement. I don't think Woods set out to make himself a demi-god/role model, although he did capitalize on it after we, the public, through the press, made him one. I think he just wanted to be a great golfer and make a lot of money.

On the other hand Bill Clinton, who held the most powerful position in the world and when on the quest for the office knew it was a universal role model position, committed the same or greater indiscretions and sins, and the consensus in the end was that his matrimonial and personal issues should be a private matter between him and his family. JFK's philandering did not prevent him from becoming an icon. And the list of greats goes on.

Closer to home, we don't drag into the public forum the sometimes known, but unspoken, personal, financial or family and/or matrimonial problems of some of our public officials. If in fact we believe their conduct in their personal lives is indicative of their character and integrity then why not hang out their dirty laundry for all to see? Perhaps we think them not worthy of being worshipped.

The problem with moulding mortals into gods is that eventually they do something that we deem is ungodly and they must pay the price for our disappointment.

Tiger Woods is an athlete. He has no ability to impact my quality of life. I personally am more interested in whether those who do have the ability to affect my standard of living are playing up to par.

What's left to say? Fore!

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  1. My uncle use to always say "If a wife can't trust her husband, then neither can I." You know - he was right.


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