Thursday, April 29, 2010

A day late. . .

and many dollars short. I returned to Saskatoon yesterday and started reading back issues of the SP and discovered my property taxes increased. The published article (SP Apr.27/10) did not indicate whether they vote was unanimous but clearly Councillor Wyant did not keep his election promise. I wasn't surprised as a result of earlier comments made by the infamous six. I would like to know how many of Wyant's constituents called him begging for a tax increase. Maybe we should create a registry and have residents indicate their willingness to support increases and where any increased taxation should be spent.

Did Councillor Hill support the increase? To date we have two councillors indicating a desire to leave the civic arena for greener pastures. As they progress in their campaigns we should be aware of how much weight to put on their elections promises. This reminds me of the cute quip: Are all fishermen liars, or do only liars fish?


  1. Not often I agree with Hill but I must give him credit. He was the only one that spoke against the increase during the budget meeting and he was the only one that did not vote in favor of the increase on Monday.

  2. Don't forget Councillors Heidt, Neault, Dubois, and Penner....they all broke there promise and not once during the budget debate did any of them raise their concern in breaking their "promise"....

  3. Don't forget that hundreds of residents demanded more snow clearing. And that costs $$.


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