Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No thank you and please don't call again

There is nothing that peeves me more than telephone solicitations. I used to try and politely decline whatever was being offered. Now I simply do not answer 800 or 888 incoming calls. If I do inadvertently answer, I simply, and rudely, hang up. In past I have asked to have my number removed from the list, to no avail. I go nuts when they fill up my voice mail with their canned messages. Not that long ago I was given a number to call to have my number removed from solicitation lists. Fortunately I misplaced the slip of paper with the contact information as I later heard that the "no contact" list was sold to a telephone solicitor.

Now the government is planning to release my personal contact information to health regions for the purpose of aiding foundations to solicit donations. News flash! I already get several requests a year from each of our hospital foundations. If roughly half of my taxes didn't already go to support medicare I might have a few dollars to throw at them.

I expect the last straw will be for Sask Tel to sell off cell phone number lists to telephone solicitors and then charge the customer for minutes used and voice mail retrieval.

In this age of communication, how do any of us communicate to the powers that be that we do not want to be plagued with unwanted, uninvited and annoying telephone solicitations?


  1. Most of these solicitation calls originate from a blocked number so you can't call them back and yell at them. Request the "block the blocker" option as part of your SaskTel package. This reduces the number of calls coming in as they can't do the work to unblock the call when it comes from an automated dialling program.
    The other alternative is to answer the call and speak in another language - or make up one. That totally confuses them and they probably won't call again! Give it a try!

  2. When called by a bothersome telemarketer simply say "could you please hold for a moment" and if you have a hold button put them on hold or simply put the phone down and go about your business then check on your phone every so often and when is beeping hang it up. This really fouls up their system as they are unable to phone out as long as you don't hang up. It works! I no longer receive their calls on my land line.


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