Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do as I say . . .

I don't know if its the water or some other negative environmental issue affecting Regina these days but it seems to be the home base for questionable behaviour.

There is chaos is the legislature. FNUC is spiralling into self-destruction. And now, according to a CBC report on today's Sheila Cole Show, a grad from the U of R is alleging plagiarism by a professor. According to the report the grad reported the incident to the university, they did an investigation but will not release the findings of the investigation or any action taken.

This is truly sad. Universities are the last bastion of truth, freedom and justice. They set standards and expectations for good conduct for all who attend and, hopefully, impress upon their students to honour those learnings during their careers. Students are amply warned of the repercussions of plagiarism. They can be expelled and/or have their degrees revoked. Careers have been ruined over this issue. Why the U of R would not publicly respond to the allegation is mind-numbing.

If this conduct is indicative the quality of the administration of the U of R we should question the wisdom of putting the fate of FNUC in these hands.


  1. You seem to have a romanticized view of professors Mistress. Perhaps back in the 1800s it was a noble profession, and universities were a bastion of truth, freedom and justice. However, universities are now more concerned with higher tuition than higher learning. Similarly, professors are more concerned with obtaining tenure then with encouraging free thought.

    I suspect the U of R is not releasing any information for one reason only, they do not want to scare off new money (aka new students) with fears of inferior professors or education at the U of R. Better to have a few Saskatchewan people steam about it for a couple weeks than make a national scandal out of it.

    Universities are big business first and foremost now, with education a distant second.

  2. I would suggest by the lack of comments here today people couldn't give a &#^%@# about the UofR because many don't consider it a real university in the first place. I've always had the opinion it is only one step above a tech college at best. As for Profs I've held the belief that people who are capable work in the Private Sector those that aren't teach. And that goes right down the educational system.

  3. If the U of R is not a real college what would that make the FNUC?

  4. Anon 9:01 - I find your comments silly and uninformed.

  5. I agree with Mistress...the U f R has a duty to its students and the public, that funds the institutio, to inform us of the findings.
    Im surprised Mistress, that you havent lead todays post with the outrage of this Government's decision to allow hospital foundations the names and addresses of its patients for fundraising! Whatever happened to privacy of information!


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