Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Aftermath

Once again Christmas has come and gone and with it the manic highs and lows I associate with this season. The family is starting to disperse and I am starting to regret all the holiday ornamentation I used that now must be put away. I go into my down time between Christmas and New Years and recover by kicking back with the papers that have piled up and thumb through new books to be read.

I scanned James Wood's interview with Lingenfelter in today's SP (Dec. 28/10) but haven't yet read the online version. This kinder, gentler Dwain with his positive approach sounds like a true Christmas miracle. Then I got to the part where he quotes the stats that no NDP/CCF government has ever won re-election after one term in opposition. He has set the stage for his loss in the next election. There is almost a sadness listening to a man let go of his dream. I say this assuming that his party will look for a new leader after the next election.

Then again, this is next year country.


  1. I think the talking heads and spin doctors should have prepped him with NO leader of the provincial CCF/NDP has NOT been Premiere. God they are slipping. I actually enjoyed reading the interview, he is a wiley, in the trench's, mud slinging old time pro politician. I still would never vote for him but do enjoy his style.

  2. I guess this shows "leader(ship). Time to jump the ship and let a woman do the job. He He! Happy New Year all! Dream and may they all come true!

  3. How is a party with record attendance at leaders galas and provincial conventions slipping?

  4. I wasn't referring to there popularity slipping although by all accounts it has. I was referring to the missed opportunity to spin positive as opposed to "I guess we'll be in opposition for a while (deep sigh)". Forced attendance at dinners aside the NDP need to ramp it up if we are to have an interesting election rather than a simple coronation for another little Napoleon.

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