Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homestead rights

Who knew RV owners were such a powerful lobby group? The only support Heidt received from council on his proposal to ban parking RVs in driveways was from the Mayor. I would have expected a couple of other councillors would have received complainants over the years about this matter.

As much a I personally dislike having a picture view of my neighbours RV, it is his property and as long as the vehicle is off the public street, then my option is to look away. I'm sure he would like me to park the old junker I drive elsewhere and out of his sight. Let's call it quid pro quo

Sometimes big brother can become a big bother.


  1. Myles was representing the veiw of some constituents and he can do that very vigorously at times. As a ward councilor that would be his job, you don't get to pick to just represent popular issues. For most people in Saskatoon the motor home in the driveway next door is not an issue at all should it follow that it is not an issue at all for the whole city?

  2. Ummmmmm.... thanks for adding nothing to the post Anon. Great post.

  3. Start with cleaning up the residents vehicles with old junkers in their yards first!
    Okay, who is starting an RV storage facility and is related?

  4. Anon 10:16

    Are you suggesting that a relative of Heidt's is opening an RV storage facility?

  5. No, sorry, I meant whoever thought of this need. Councillor Heidt is one of the councillors who works for his constituents and speaks for his constituents. I applaud his service to Saskatoon residents.


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