Thursday, December 9, 2010

Points of interest

I was pleased to read in today's SP (Dec. 9/10) that the city successfully enforced the campaign disclosure bylaw and those in contravention were fined. However, the problem that still exists with the bylaw is that no one checks to see if the disclosures are valid and all expenses and receipts are accounted for and legitimate. It simply relies on whistle blowers to expose any infractions.

Also in today's news is the Mayor's comment that trimming the budget will be tough. No kidding. The only time the budget gets trimmed is in an election year. Did anyone note in yesterday's paper the graph on the city's spending history? In 2005 the rate increase was 3.9%. In 2006, an election year it was 1.9%. The increase in 2007 was 4.8%, in 2008 5.4% and in 2009, an election year, it was 2.9%. After the last election the rate increase was 3.9% and for 2011 it is proposed to be 4.7%. Sadly, since council is now going to a four year term we can only expect a reasonable tax increase every four years rather than the historical three.

Sadder yet, the money is not being spent on matters of importance to the public and those that affect everyday living.


  1. This has been here for 24 hrs now and no comments! I can only quess that no one except the mistress even cares or we are resolved to tax, levies, fees and surcharges increasing. If enough people signed a petition before the next civic election could we get a plebocite that limited city budget increases to the inflationary rate.

  2. It is a sad commentary that people feel strongly enough to go off about community associations and bridges, but feel that taxes being raised is not even worthy of a comment.

    This Council is digging their own grave. They will not be able to hide from all the dirt come next election.

  3. I wouldn't care if they were infact digging their own grave, but the're digging mine too. I am glad they are so hung up on affordable housing because by the time they are done I will not be able to stay in my present home when I retire and I will be looking at their affordable housing. This is no joke folks, I have owned this house mortgage free for 20 years and I don't think I can afford to live here when I retire. My taxes are just over $6000 a year and have been going up a couple hundred a year for the last 6-8 years. I don't mind paying my own way but I am forced to pay for projects like "Station 20" as well. I for one am sick of it!


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