Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Study Political 'Net Benefit'

In Angela Hall's interview with Premier Wall (SP Dec. 29/10) he commented that the government did not do polling prior to making his decision regarding the BHP attempted hostile takeover of PCS, implying of course that the decision was made based on the best interest of the province rather than on the political best interest of his party. He didn't need to do polling as the public voluntarily voiced their opinions and the media did the polling.

The interview further dealt with the future of Mosaic Stadium in Regina. On this decision he should do polling prior to making a decision. He should also do a net benefit examination of this proposed project and an examination of how well other extravagant stadiums do in larger centres with bigger markets.

He should also examine the political career of Geo. Bush Sr. After Kuwait Bush Sr. had a 80% approval waiting. Less than a year later he lost his election bid for a second term.

The thing about riding high is that you have a greater distance to fall and the velocity can create deadly end results.


  1. Yes let's have a plebisite on replacing Mosaic Stadium. That was a really effective tool in the planning of the Moose Jaw multi-plex (sarcasm off). I for one don't want government by plebiste, I want it by leadership. Are we going to start applying the plebisite to every piece of public-funded infrastructure that comes along?

  2. It's simple no domed stadium for people that wear watermelons on their heads! It will come in over budget and never ever cover it's own operating costs. I want the definitive answer before the election in 2011.

  3. For those that continue to expound on the negatives of building a new Domed Stadium I hope when the work gets handed out you don't take part in any of the money flowing in this Province from the spending done by those employed in the design/construction /operating of the facility. Please stand by your constitution and never ever accept any money from anyone even remotely associated from this operation. (SARCASM ON!) Just as any other major infrastructure project it will and should have government support. Of course if the NDP hadn't done such a good job of booting out almost all the wealthy entrepreneurs from this Province with their tax/anti-business attitude we could rely on some good-willed person to come up with the funds. I would love to see a "Remai Arena" or "Leire Lair" or even a "BHP Ballpark" but its more likely these types will fund hospitals and theaters. BTW they don't make money either.

  4. If the NDP had not done their job the so called fiscal conservative party of Devine and Wall would have sent Saskatchewan into bankruptcy.

  5. First, pay off the NDP and Conservative debt, which means our debt. In celebration of that achievement- build the dome. Things go well, maybe construction could start in 4 years. Assemble the land in the process, work out the design big pictures.

    Fiscally prudent and best politically. They do it right and the Sask Party makes a third term easy.


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