Thursday, December 30, 2010


Personally, there isn't much that I don't like about Mayor Atch. I know him to be a good man. He's kind and approachable. I think he is a good ambassador for Saskatoon. He's a visible mayor and attends almost all public functions, large or small. For the best part he is respectful of citizens when they appear before council, even when treated disrespectfully by some presenters. He is patient and tolerant when dealing with some grandstanding councillors. If only he could manage money he would be a great mayor.

Atch has been called a dreamer. The world needs dreamers. Some see him as a visionary. Perhaps he is both. He definitely is an optimist.

But when it comes to spending to make those dreams and visions come true, he might be hallucinatory.

I read his interview with Hutton (SP Dec. 30/10) regarding the year ahead. It sounds good. It sounds expensive. But the focus is on the mega projects. It will be years before any development bears fruit in the form of taxes and thus the wee taxpayer must foot the bill. In the interim the city needs that affect the average taxpayer are not met, or alternatively are met and taxes go through the roof. And the debt, and debt servicing, grows and weighs heavy on city residents.

Our good mayor is on an LSD trip - Lots of Spending and Debt. I hope the trip ends before the credit card is maxed out.

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  1. Well at least he isn't on the same drugs the City of Regina is on with their report that their new recycling program will be ... now get this FREE!!! and then expound on how it will cost nothing to pick up the recycling but $150/house to pick up their garbage because they are moving the existing money to recycling. WTF I hope our council doesn't try to pull this.


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