Monday, January 31, 2011

Changing of the guard

Today's Opinion column (SP Jan. 31/11) is an interesting recap of provincial politics across the country. It speaks to Premiers already forced, or likely to be soon ousted, out of elected office.

Two notable cases are Campbell in B.C., being forced into resignation due primarily to introduction of the HST, and Stelmach in Alberta over a proposed deficit budget. Both left knowing that defeat of their party in upcoming elections was eminent with them leading the charge.

The gist of the article, as I read it, is that voters across the country are not interested in issues of public policy, but more so on ousting politicians that tax beyond what the public is prepared to pay. Times of recession are hard on everyone and politicians are not exempted from that hardship. You might assess these officials as not being able to read the public they serve or being willing to sacrifice themselves for making decisions for the public good, but either way the customer, being the voting public, is always right.

If our local politicians do not see the handwriting on the wall and continue with their tax and spend practice they too may get a message from the 'customer' that will not be to their liking.

My dear old Dad used to say "learn from my mistakes." Regrettably we must all learn from our own mistakes.

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