Thursday, May 17, 2012

Born yesterday?

Nothing annoys me more than political snow jobs.  For MLA Don Morgan to suggest that adding three more constituencies to the roster. at a total cost of $675,000.00, will not cost taxpayers any more money is inane.  His reasoning is they intend to cut spending on existing travel and communications budgets to offset these new costs.

If MLAs have this much fat to trim, they should do so and put the money towards public needs.  And if the rationale is better representation of constituents, then why cut communication allowances.

Why can't they simply say Saskatchewan's population is growing and  we believe this will benefit Saskatchewan residents in the long term.  End of story.  Move on.

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  1. We need three more seats for more incompetant boobs in the legislature like a fish needs a bicycle. We need fewer nor more let's reduce this big government that we can't afford!


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