Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to the big city!

For those who longed for Saskatoon to hit big city status, I think your wish has come true.  The drug peddlers have us on their radar screens, handguns are surfacing, although knives are still the weapon of choice, the number of homeless are growing, housing is out of range of citizens, gangs are staking territory, family violence is at an all time high - ain't life grand.

I know all of this existed when we were Sleepy Hollow, but not to this degree.  The police station is going to fill up well before we hit the 400,000 population mark.


  1. Solution: The Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan can easily be converted into the Remai Prison of Saskatraz!

  2. Ray Martineau could be warden and hand out prisoner sketches to tourist. Sounds like a great expansion of the arts for a growing city.

  3. The new Holiday Inn in downtown Saskatoon more closely resembles a high security prison than a hotel. Just needs a couple of guard towers and we are ready to handle the hoards of drug dealers and 20yr old gun owners fueled with alcohol from Taranta.
    But hey we can run off to the sprawling burbs and feel relatively safe living next to a grow op. Yes life is grand.


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