Monday, May 14, 2012

A few things to be thankful for

Some things never change.  Instead of starting at the top and working down, the School Boards are starting at the bottom.  But cutting Kindergarten will incense parents who will call their MLAs.  Cutting central office staff will not create a blip on the radar.

I would agree that if students numbers of rising, funding should increase accordingly.  But Schools Boards should be setting the priorities for spending and the last cut should be at the classroom levels.

I am thankful they do not have the ability to tax property.  I am also thankful I did not have to hear "let's do it for the kids."


  1. School boards should have right to tax. It's teir job to run education system which they know what I needs. It would make school boards more accountable

  2. They're not cutting kindergarten. Just the part that isn't funded by the province. The full day kindergarten.


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